IT professionals will be benefited in the tenure of Joe Biden

IT professionals will be benefited in the tenure of Joe Biden

IT professionals will be benefited in the tenure of Joe Biden. Image Courtesy – Education Votes

IT professionals will be benefited in the tenure of Joe Biden due to the reforms he has started. Biden spoke of doing reforms to immigration policy immediately after sitting on the president’s throne as the 46th president of the United States. He has now started work to keep his words.

Indians waiting for green cards in the United States can have a sigh of relief. Biden is practically lifting the burden imposed by former President Donald Trump of banning US citizenship with a green card.

Joe Biden sent an immigration bill to the US Congress. It proposed that hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants be granted citizenship in the United States. It is also proposed to extend the waiting period for getting a green card.

The bill named ‘US Citizenship Act 2021’ has been sent to the US Congress to modernize the immigration system. The bill reduces the time limit for getting a green card to gain American citizenship. It was done on the basis of the country’s quota during Donald Trump’s tenure. That was why Indians had to wait behind the queue.

Undocumented immigrants and their families will have a chance to get a green card under the new law. Actually, the bill reduces the time limit for getting American citizenship. It has been proposed in the law to remove the upper limit for the number of workers applying for green cards from every country.

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In his tenure, Trump banned the issuance of green cards in the US. The guidelines were issued for two months, excluding doctors, health workers, and entrepreneurs. Many non-resident Indian and Indian IT companies in the United States were worried about this guideline.

Trump promised to stop issuing green cards for 60 days. But, he did not guarantee that the option would reopen after two months. It was stated that a decision would be made after reviewing the condition of the US economy 10 days before the deadline.

The number of people from each country who would be given a green card to work in the United States was fixed in the tenure of Donald Trump. But, after coming to power, Biden has proposed to lift the rule. By doing this Biden has expanded the benefit to thousands of IT employees in various countries.

A number of 140,000 green cards are now issued every year. The number is going to be the same, but, the ban will be lifted to travel to the United States from Muslim countries also, which was also imposed by Trump.

This is probably a strategy that Biden wants to run for a longer time. It is assumed that he will probably break this immigration policy into more smaller sections to manage this in a better way. This would allow him to seek enough support, particularly where his oppositions are weak.

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