Infected Jamaat member escaped from hospital


Infected Jamaat member escaped from hospital. Image Courtesy –

A 65-year-old Jamaat member who had attended the ‘Tablighi Jamaat’ meeting in Delhi last month, was being treated as a corona positive patient, escaped from the hospital on Monday night April 6, 2020 after breaking the glass pane and cutting the wire mesh on the window of the hospital in Uttar Pradesh.

His name was Safid Miyan, and he was a resident of Sursuri in Nepal. Safid Miyan was one of the members of a group of 17 people came from Nepal and attended ‘Tablighi Jamaat’ gathering at Delhi.

He tied his clothes in the window of the isolation ward. Then he broke the window glass, cut wire mesh and climbed down using on his clothes as a rope. The incident happened in Uttar Pradesh on Monday night. The police is searching him.

Nizamuddin’s gathering has already created deep concern across the country. According to statistics, the central health ministry has said that 30% of the total corona patients in the country have Nizamuddin connections. Even the Health Ministry said that now the number of victims is doubled in 4.1 days. If the Nizamuddin’s incident could not have take place, it would have taken 7.8 days. That means the number of victims is doubled in about half the time.

R K Tandon, chief health officer of the hospital in Uttar Pradesh, was surprised at the whole incident. He said the escaped patient used to behave extremely good to everyone, he never disturbed anyone and was also responsing with drugs. Unable to find the reason why he escaped.

A patient died yesterday while escaping from the isolation ward of Kalpana Chawla Medical College in Haryana at around 4am.The man was trying to get down with the help of a kind of rope made with bunch of plastics and cloths which he made earlier to escape. The rope tore suddenly and the man fell down and died on the spot. This incident of Jamat member increases concern among the people, because if the corona patient moves around untreated, he can infect a number of other people and then the infections among people become uncontrollable.

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