Effect of Rahu in 12 different houses of the horoscope

Effect of Rahu in 12 different houses of horoscope

Effect of Rahu in 12 different houses of the horoscope. Image Courtesy – Issuu

Astronomers do not consider any planets or bodies of Rahu and Ketu in the sky. But, according to the calculation of Indian astrology, Rahu and Ketu signify two points of intersection of the orbiting paths of the Sun and the Moon. Rahu and Ketu lie opposite to the Earth in one direction (180 degrees). In astrology, their existence has been accepted as shadow planet because as per any entity that affects human life is called planet.

These two zodiac signs transmit zodiacs at an opposite speed other than the planets at a difference of 180 degrees. It takes 18 months to travel on one zodiac and about 18 years to travel on twelve zodiac signs.

Rahu’s behaviour is seen as the most influential in human life. Effects of Rahu in 12 different zodiac signs are described below:

(i) Rahu in the 1st house of a horoscope:

The first house is called Lagna or Ascendant, which tells about many things including the nature of the person and his height etc. While the first house is said to be influenced by Mars and the Sun, this house is like a throne. The planet sitting in the first house is considered the king of all the planets.

The native will get a higher post than his/her qualification here. It will also yield good results from the government. Rahu in this house will give results similar to the Sun in the exalted position. But the spirit in which the sun is sitting will be affected. If Mars, Saturn and Ketu are weak then Rahu will give bad results otherwise it will give good results in the first house.

It is said in the Vedic literature that each and every planet has its own time span when it gives the best results (either good or bad) in the life of a native. Different planets have a different time span in a native’s life. Rahu is expected to give its best results between the age of 42-47 in a native’s life.

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(ii) Rahu posited in the 2nd house of a horoscope:

The second house of the horoscope, which is called money or way of talking, tells about many things including the wealth of the person and his thoughts.

The second house is influenced by Jupiter and Venus. If Jupiter is auspicious then the person in his initial state will live a life full of wealth and comfort. If Rahu is malefic then the native is poor, his family life is in poverty afflicted. He is troubled by stomach disorders. It is believed that such a person is unable to save money and dies from a weapon. At the same time, in the 10th, 21st and 42nd year of his life, his wealth is lost through theft.

(iii) Rahu posited in the 3rd house:

The third house of the horoscope, also known as the house of courage, willpower, tells about the power of the native and his siblings and maternal uncle etc. This house is considered to be the firm house of Rahu. The third house is influenced by Mercury and Mars. If Rahu is auspicious here, the native will have great wealth and longevity. He is a fearless and loyal friend. He will be able to see the future through dreams.

It is said that such a person will never have a child. He will be the conqueror of enemies. He will never be a debtor. He will leave property behind him. He will progress in the 22nd year of his life. But if Rahu is malefic in the third house then his brother and relatives will waste his/her money.

If he lends money to someone, he/she will not get it back. The native will have speech defects and will be a sceptic. According to the study, if Sun and Mercury are also in the third house with Rahu, then her sister may be widowed in the 22nd or 32nd year of his age.

(iv) Rahu posited in the 4th house:

The fourth house of the horoscope is called the house of happiness or mother, this house belongs to the Moon which is the enemy of Rahu. When benefic Rahu is posited in this house, the native will be intelligent, rich and spend money on good things. Going on pilgrimage will be beneficial for the native.

If the Venus is also auspicious then the in-laws of the native become rich after marriage and the native also gets benefit from them. If the Moon is in exalted position then the native becomes very rich and earns a lot from the work related to Mercury. If Rahu is debilitated or inauspicious and Moon is weak then the native becomes poor and the mother of the native is troubled.

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(v) Rahu posited in the 5th house of the horoscope:

The fifth house of the horoscope is known as the house of intellect or child. If Rahu is auspicious then the person is rich, intelligent and healthy. He enjoys good income and good progress.

The person is a devotee or philosopher. If a debilitated Rahu located here shows the problem in having a baby after marriage. After the birth of a son, the health of the native’s wife may deteriorate. If Jupiter is also situated in the 5th house, the native’s father will suffer.

(vi) Rahu posited in the 6th house of the horoscope:

The sixth house of the horoscope is known as the enemy or disease house. An exalted Rahu in this house gives good results. The native will be free from all kinds of troubles. The native spends money on clothing.

The native becomes intelligent and the winner. When Rahu is inauspicious he will harm his brothers or friends. Rahu gives bad results when Mercury or Mars is in the twelfth house. The native suffers from various diseases or loss of money.

(vii) Rahu in the 7th house:

The seventh house of the horoscope is called the marriage house, such a person will be rich but his wife will be ill. He will be victorious over his enemies. Marriage before twenty-one years of age would be inauspicious. The native will be able to maintain good relations with the government.

But if the person is associated with business-related to Rahu like electrical appliances, then he will suffer. The native will suffer from headache. If Mercury, Venus or Ketu in the eleventh house, Rahu will destroy his sister, wife or son.

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(viii) Rahu in the 8th house:

The eighth house of the horoscope is also called the longevity of the Life, the eighth house is related to Saturn and Mars. Hence Rahu of this house gives inauspicious results. The native spends money unnecessarily in court cases.

Family life is also affected by adversity. If Mars is auspicious and is in the 1st or 8th house, or if the auspicious Saturn is in the 8th house then the native will be very rich.

(ix) Rahu in the 9th house:

The ninth house of the horoscope, also known as the house of religiousness and fortune, is influenced by Jupiter. If Rahu is posited auspiciously in this house, the native will have a good relationship with his brothers and sisters. Otherwise, the native will be adversely affected.

If Jupiter is in the fifth or eleventh house it will be ineffective. If Rahu is malefic in the 9th house, the chances of getting a son are fewer. If Rahu is in the 9th house and the 1st house is empty then the health of the person suffers and the person is humiliated and mentally tortured by older people of his age.

(x) Rahu in the 10th house:

The tenth house of the horoscope, also known as the house of profession, tells about the person’s deeds i.e. business, education etc. Getting good or bad results of Rahu depends on the position of the Saturn. If Saturn is auspicious then the person is brave, with longevity, rich and gets all kind of respects.

If Rahu is with the Moon in the tenth house then it makes Raj Yoga. The native is lucky for his father. If Rahu is malefic here then the mother of the native is affected and the health of the person will also be in feeble. If the Moon is alone in the fourth house, the eyes of the native will suffer. The native will suffer from headache and he will suffer loss by black persons.

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(xi) Rahu in the 11th house:

The 11th house of the horoscope is known as the income house, tells many secrets related to the income of the native. According to experts, the eleventh house is under the influence of both Saturn and Jupiter. The native will be rich as long as the father of the native is alive.

Native’s friends will not be good. He will get money from mean people. If the malefic Mars with Rahu is in the 11th house, slowly his/her inherited properties at the time of birth will start to get ruined.

If the Rahu is malefic in the eleventh house, then the native will not able to maintain a good relationship with his father, even the native can kill him. Planets in the second house will act like enemies. Ketu in the fifth house will give bad results. There may be problems or diseases related to the ear, spine, urine. There may be losses in trade related to Ketu.

If Rahu is seated in the 11th house with positive energy or becomes powerful, the native gains huge money by lottery, gambling, with an unexpected way of income. If the 8th lord, being powerful or in its own house or in a friendly house, is conjunct with Rahu, then the native will have a prolonged life span.

(xii) Rahu in the 12th house:

The 12th house of the horoscope which is also called the expense house, this 12th house is also considered to be related to Jupiter. It is a house of sleeping pleasure. Rahu located here gives mental troubles and insomnia. It also causes excessive expenditure on sisters and daughters.

At the age of 45, the wife of the native suffers. The 12th house of a horoscope is also being calculated as the house of bed-pleasure. That means the sexual life of the native is being studied by this house. If a powerful Rahu is posited in the 12th house and without the connection with any malefic planet or malefic aspect, the native receives great sexual pleasure. A powerful Rahu provides native earnings from abroad.

If Rahu is with enemy planets, then the native works hard. Expenses of the native will be more than his/her income. It also makes false allegations. Such a person can go to the extreme of suicide. The native is surrounded by mental concerns. Inauspicious results are found at the beginning of any new work. There is a fear of theft and false charges. If there is Mars along with Rahu then good results are obtained.

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