Centre exported 9300 MT of Oxygen without thinking about countrymen

Center exported 9300 MT of Oxygen without thinking about countrymen

Centre exported 9300 MT of Oxygen without thinking about countrymen. Image Courtesy – France 24

Centre exported 9300 metric tonnes of Oxygen in 2021 without even caring for its countrymen. Now the second wave of corona has affected the health system of the entire country. Infections are increasing almost every day. The death procession is also getting longer.

There is a shortage of oxygen in the hospitals. In such a situation, the information raised from the government statistics has raised multiple questions. The question has been raised – “Don’t #IndianLivesMatter?”

In the last few months, huge amounts of oxygen have been exported from India amidst extreme conditions around the world according to official sources. The amount of oxygen that India normally sends abroad has almost doubled in Corona pandemic. About 9300 metric tons of oxygen were exported from India from April last year to January this year. Naturally, the question is, how reasonable is this government’s policy on oxygen?

India has exported 4,500 metric tonnes of oxygen abroad in the fiscal year 2020. And since then the export rate has doubled. Statistics show that India’s oxygen exports increased by 634% between January last year and January 2021. In December alone, 2,193 metric tons of oxygen were exported. The government has not released any information on the export since January.

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Oxygen deficiency has now occurred across the country due to the increase in coronavirus infection. Danger signals have been issued from several states due to lack of oxygen. Many have also sought the help of the center.

Why the central government exported 9300 metric tonnes of Oxygen abroad without caring for its own people and without worrying about future dangers? The question arises – why Centre exported 9300 MT of Oxygen this year where the 2nd wave of coronavirus is infecting people rampantly?

The central government has realized the fact too late. The government has recently announced that oxygen will not be used in industrial activities from April 22. The government also had to face the wrath of the Delhi High Court.

Will the patient who is suffering from a lack of oxygen in the hospital be asked to wait till the 22nd? The question was raised by the high court. Needless to say, the position of the center is not at all transparent regarding the oxygen problem.

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