Advocates are playing with law to save rapists


Advocates are playing with law to save rapists.  Image Courtesy – Amarujala

The Central Government has challenged the Delhi High Court’s decision by the Patiala House Court to stop the execution of Nirbhaya convicts till further orders. The High Court also held a special hearing on this matter. On behalf of the Center, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta said that guilty Pawan was not intentionally filing mercy petition. All that was happening was a deliberate plan to frustrate the legal order. The High Court had summoned the reply by issuing notices to the four convicts as well as the Tihar Jail Administration and DG Jail.

Tushar Mehta told that Pawan is not intentionally filing mercy petition or curative petition. It was planned stagnation. If the order of the trial court was upheld, then Pawan could also file a curative and mercy petition. In such a situation, others would not be hanged. So, it was a deliberate plan to deliberately frustrate a legal order.

The Solicitor General, Tushar Mehta also told that the guilty were taking advantage of the legal process. They are utilizing legal protection to avoid punishment for this horrifying crime. The convicts filed an application in the trial court to postpone the execution. There was no reason for this to be judged. This case would be categorized in history as such a heinous crime, in which the perpetrators misused the legal process. Mr. Mehta also told that it was unfortunate that even after all legal options were exhausted; the convicts had been repeatedly petitioning the court to postpone the execution. If such a process continued, the case would never end.

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Advocate on behalf of the Criminials, A P Singh, told that it would be illegal to hang the remaining convicts pending the plea of ​​one convict. Right now the convicts have legal options including mercy petition.

Nirbhaya’s mother, Asha Devi, told that her daughter got victimized 7 years ago, and from that period to the present time the government had been repeatedly bowing to the culprits.

This is the scenario of the Indian judiciary that has been utilized by the lawyers in India years after years. This can be named as a perfect mockery to the justice as well as the Indian Penal Code.

People of India feel deeply frustrated to see these dramas of the lawyers and associates. People of India feel that the action took by the Hyderabad police was correct to shot down the 4 accused to put an end to the rape case in the month of December 2019. In that case, a 27-year-old veterinarian became the victim; she was raped and burnt in Hyderabad. In that time, Cyberabad Police Commissioner VC Sajjanar made a game plan and made it finish; otherwise, that case also could be the similar drama like ‘Nirbhaya Gangrape Case’.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), around 100 sexual assaults happen every day in India. More than 32000 rape cases were reported across the country in the year 2017. But, the real number is much higher because most of the cases got concealed regarding shame and loss of social reputation faced by the victims. So, the legal maxim comes in our mind once again – “Justice delayed is justice denied”.

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