Aadhar data-security – a big challenge for Digital India

Aadhar data-security – a big challenge for Digital India

Aadhar data-security – a big challenge for Digital India. Image Courtesy – https://www.bloombergquint.com

The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi emphasized to make ‘Aadhar Card’ compulsory for each and every segment of life. It was his dream of making ‘Digital India’. But, his dream has yet to collapse with a big question for the data-security of ‘Aadhar Card’.

Recently, it was observed that Aadhar-data of 130 million people, bank account details leaked from approximately 210 government websites. Those websites were from central government, state government departments consisting of educational institutes also. Details of 130 million people are already disclosed in public including name, address and other details.

A study of Bengaluru-based organization ‘Centre for Internet and Society’ (CIS) published a couple a months ago revealed that not only the Aadhar numbers, names and other personal details of 130 million people have been leaked; their bank account numbers have also been made public.

Can you imagine how is it possible? Where is our national data-security? Can you imagine how much threat it is for a citizen of India?

All the nationalised banks are forcing people to link Aadhar Card into the bank account. But, there are many untoward events are happening frequently. Some people had bitter experiences after linking their Aadhar Card with their bank accounts. Several lakhs of rupees have been withdrawn from their bank accounts, yet the banks had no solution for those cases.

Fake Aadhar Card rackets are secretly continuing their activities – however, some of the groups have been arrested throughout the country in various places like Delhi, Chandigarh, Indore, Kanpur, West Bengal etc.

It is the most burning issue that the Central Government must fix immediately; otherwise common people of India will remain unsafe. Just imagine – any criminal may commit a crime with your leaked Aadhar Card data and would not be traced by the police and administration. Only you will suffer for his committed crime because each and every information used by him was actually your Aadhar Card information.

Now, the big question in front of the dream of PM Narendra Modi is data-security of Aadhar Card. A strong data protection law in India is a need of the hour. The 1,345,906,529 people of India (as of Thursday, December 14, 2017) are waiting for the moment to come.

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