7 natural remedies for body odour

7 natural remedies for body odour

7 natural remedies of body odour. Image Courtesy – http://homeremediesforcellulitis.com

Body odour causes mostly because of some bacteria formed in the body. Stress or tension also a common reason for causing body odour. In puberty, all the secretion glands start secreting profusely and most of the time that also causes body odour. If you have to wear socks for whole day, feet may stink due to the combined reaction of sweat and bacteria.

It would be quite embarrassing when people around you would have a negative impression due to the stinking smell. Obviously, you want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Let me share a few natural remedies for it.

Be clean

Having a bath daily not only gives you a relaxing feeling, but also washes all the dirt and germs away. As we already mentioned, bacteria causes the body odour, so taking a bath properly prevents the production of bacteria on your skin. It is very cliché to mention that you need to change and wash your undergarments regularly. Bacteria fed on our body fat and they leave waste on our skin; so a regular and continuous removing of the sweat and bacteria production will help you in getting rid of body smell.

Sweating is natural air cooling system of human body and it varies from person to person. Consuming adequate water also keeps our body temperature on a hold. Besides taking a bath regularly, one must drink good amount of water too.

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Keep calm and sweat less

Anger, anxiety, excitement, excessive stress and tension are also major reasons for secretion from sweat glands i.e. ‘Eccrine’ and ‘Apocrine’ glands. If this secretion can be kept under control, it will reduce from creating body odours. So, keep your mind calm and quiet to lessen the chance of having body odour. You can practice meditation to keep the situation under your control and hence you will sweat less.

Manage your wardrobe properly

Old and unwashed clothes of your wardrobe can create body odour. To prevent that, arrange your wardrobe regularly. Take out old clothes and put them under sunlight at least once in a fortnight. That will remove the bad smell of your clothes. Put air fresheners like naphthalene or Odonil in your cupboard. Clothes and bags, which get affected by bacteria easily, can be kept in packets.

Take more green foods

It is a proven fact that excessive protein consumption causes more body odour. Instead of having meat in your daily diet, change the habit with consuming natural green foods. I am not suggesting you to have less protein for your diet regime but you can use its vegetarian substitutes. Consume milk products or soybeans or pulse more, which will give you same food value without body odour.

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Wear clothes made of natural fibre

Clothes made of natural fibre like cotton, jute or silk are highly preferable. This kind of fibres gives more breathability to your skin. So, it helps in lessening sweat, hence lessens body odour.

Wipe it natural sterilizer

Wash your underarms and other covered body parts with natural sterilizer. That prevents the production of bacteria in your body, thus controls the body odour.

Detoxify your body

Body odour is a natural toxic object of human body. So, if these toxicities can be controlled, body odour will be lessened.

So, you can see getting rid of body odour is so easy. Finally, after maintaining all the points, you can use good body spray to make yourself fresh and motivated.

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