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A spectacular start by U.S. Women Team brought them victory

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  • Saturday, July 11th, 2015 |

The US Team made their victory in the Women’s World Cup Soccer final with a spectacular 5-2 score rewriting the FIFA World Cup records. Image Courtesy –

he US Team made their victory in the Women’s World Cup Soccer final with a spectacular 5-2 score rewriting the FIFA World Cup records. All they did in the eventful first half of the final match.

From the beginning of the match, the game became interesting. Captain of the Women’s Team Carli Lloyd scored 2 goals in a short interval just after 5 minutes of the beginning of the match. Carli Lloyd has earmarked her name in the history of FIFA Women’s World Cup with scoring these fastest two goals.

Lauren Holiday added the score to 3-0 within a few minutes. Lloyd scored made the score to 4-0 in just 15 minutes of the match. According to the FIFA record, it was the 1st Hat Trick in a Women’s World Cup history, as well as the fastest Hat Trick in the history of World Cup games.

Though the US Team was well ahead and their victory was assumable, Japan did not give-up their hope. Their continuous attack yielded result in the 27th minute of the match. By making the score 4-1, they tried to drag out their fans from frustration at least for one time. Julie Johnston made a same side goal in the second half of the match when the score became 4-2. Just a few minutes later, the US Team went back in action with the goal of Tobin Heath which provided them a dominant lead of 5-2, and they maintained the lead till the end of the match.

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Since the recent President of FIFA, Sepp Blatter was absent, as he was undergoing criminal investigation of the officials of Football Federation. Senior Vice President of FIFA Issa Hayatou presented the trophy to the players. Issa Hayatou of Cameroon was also the President of the Confederation of African Football.

Hope Solo of the US Team received the ‘Golden Glove’ award for her performance throughout the tournament. Though she was being accused of domestic violence initially and the critics also advocated the US Football Federation to drop her, but her charges were dismissed on ‘procedural grounds’ later.

Japan’s triumph over the United States four years prior its first World Cup title and it came months after the huge tremor and wave that hit Japan. It killed more than 20,000 individuals and touching off the most noticeably awful atomic calamity since Chernobyl in 1986. The United States has a record of 25-1-6 victory against Japan, and a 3-1 favourable position in World Cup fights.

The competition was been played while soccer’s global administering body FIFA has been shaken by a huge corruption allegation in America that claims ‘bribery’ and ‘racketeering’ worth more than $150 million including high-positioned FIFA authorities more than a 24-year time period.

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