Emerald – source, utility and benefits

Emerald – source, utility and benefits

Emerald – source, utility and benefits. Image Courtesy – http://ariagems.com

Emerald is a mineral composed of Beryllium Aluminium Cyclosilicate with a formula of Be3Al2(SiO3)6 – a green coloured material with trace amounts of chromium or vanadium. Hardness of emerald stays in between 7.5 – 8.0 and its specific gravity belongs to the range 2.62 – 2.90. Refractive index or emerald is found somewhere between 1.57 – 1.60.

Generally emeralds are the kind of stones that believed to benefit the wearer in numerous ways. Emerald enhances satisfaction and perception in human life. It is believed to increase intuition also.

Usage of this stone is heard since the ancient times, it has also been mentioned in the holy scripture of Hindu Religion, the ‘Vedas’. In ancient scriptures, emerald has been described as a stone having excellent healing properties and also having the capability to bring fortune and prosperity to human life. In the pages of history we have seen that emperors and kings used this stone in their life in many ways – like including it in necklace, dress, chair etc.

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Emerald is found in several countries like Russia, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Zambia and South America. Colombia of South America is said to be the producer of best quality emerald stones in the world; around 160 mines are there in the country.

Zambia is another country that also produces fine quality stones. This country has also a number of mines, and emeralds excavated from the mines are extremely famous.

America is one of the countries in the list that produces best quality emerald in the world. A large number of mines are there.

This is way emerald is found in mines and looks like mixture of stones. Image Courtesy – Gemstoneexpeditions

Russia is another producer of emerald and their stones are also of top quality. Russian emeralds are little softer in comparison to American emeralds; however these are very much attractive and appealing as far as jewellery is concerned. Apart from these countries emerald is mined from the countries like India, Pakistan, Rhodesia and Africa.

In astrology, emerald is said to have relation with the planet Mercury. Green is the cosmic colour that is usually transmitted by emerald and the waves of this colour has its relation with the earth element with having a cold nature. Properties of Mercury derived in astrology are like enhancing paranormal power, improving memory, increasing learning capability, maintaining better communication with society, improving technical skill etc. Experts in the field say that a good quality emerald transmits good level of energy that supports properties of the planet Mercury.

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Emerald Jewellery. Image Courtesy – https://www.gemstones-jewellery.com

Let us have a glimpse of the properties of planet mercury –

It represents intelligence, ready wit, and sense of humour in a person. People with strong Mercury are usually equipped with sharp thinking power, intuition power, power of reasoning etc. Apart from these qualities, mercury is also responsible for anxiety and indecisiveness.

Wearing emerald helps in strengthening the above-mentioned qualities in a human life. Moreover, emerald also helps in the function of ears, lungs, nervous system, arms, skin etc.

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Function of Emerald on specific diseases:

1) Wearing emerald stone rectifies almost all the brain related diseases. It acts in rectifying tension, depression, frustration with its healing properties. The central nervous system gets energized with the positive energy of emerald and all the negative forces go out of the brain thereby rectifying the body function.

2) Emerald is helpful in curing diseases related to kidney, kidney stone and urinal dysfunction.

3) It is said that an emerald being immersed in water for 21 days and then drinking the water with milk cream increases physical strength and peace of mind.

4) Powder of emerald heals diseases like fever, piles, liver disease etc.

5) Emerald aids in healing eye problem and leprosy disease.

6) Students should wear emerald, as it is a strong way in removing all mental tensions, improving intellect, increasing IQ in its wearer. Therefore, it helps to maintain good balance between their life and study.

7) One of the exciting properties of the stone is – it enhances sprit of love in an individual’s life and spread out true love and emotions in married life.

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