6 important tips to make you beautiful

6 important tips to make you beautiful

6 tips to make you beautiful. Image Courtesy – http://geekzonelive.blogspot.in

Festivals are not very far. Of course, you want to look fabulous, you want to look the best in your group and among the crowd. What you have to do is have some time for yourself and you need to follow few tips I am sharing with you.

So here I give you step-by-step details to help you in turning ‘nice’ to ‘wow’, visit a salon beforehand to have a proper beauty treatment.


Let us start from the beginning. Our hair needs the utmost care. Before having a hair treatment, start from having a haircut this time. And, if you want to leave your hair long, have a trim, at least. This trimming will help you in getting rid of split ends and let your hair grow very fast.

Then, it is time for hair pack. Take an egg or two, according to your hair length. Add olive oil, hung curd or yogurt, synthetic vinegar and honey to it. Mix it properly and apply it on your hair and scalp. Leave it for 20 minutes to dry. Then rinse off gently. It will provide your hair much required nourishment and shine.

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Face and body treatment includes scrubbing and exfoliating, moisturising, and waxing.

Scrubbing and Exfoliating: Use sugar and olive oil for scrubbing and exfoliating. Mix these ingredients and apply on face. Massage in a circular motion, for a long time. This will give you proper blood circulation and stimulation. For darker places of your body like elbow and knee, lime slice or any other citric things can be used.

Toning and anti-tanning: Take hunk curd or yogurt and apply it on face or other body parts, which is easily bare on sunlight and rain. As alternative, tomato or lemon also can be used. Even a pack of cucumber, gram flour and milk also can be applied. For removing tan, any citric thing and for toning, cucumber is the best things to apply.

Waxing: Before moisturising, waxing will do great. Not only waxing removes excess body hair, but also extracts extra oil from body pores. Waxing must be done before moisturising because moisture puts a layer on our skin. That harms in taking out extra oil from skin.

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Massage: For a body massage, take essential oil and apply it on all over your body. Massage it thoroughly; this massage will help in proper blood circulation. For having the massage, the ambience is most important matter. Choose calm and quiet place, play some soothing music and relax. Mental peace is the key ingredient for massage.

Use pack: for the pack, you may use curd, turmeric, gram flour and cucumber juice, raw and cold milk. Mix them until they make proper dough and there must not be any granules. Apply this pack on face and body in a thick layer. Let it dry and then wash it gently with lukewarm water.

Your following this face and body treatment, your skin will start glowing.

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Generally we tend to ignore about taking care of our feet. But, they also need our special attention. Going spa and salon for any beauty treatment is not possible always. For pedicure, take lukewarm, ankle-dipping water. Put some mild shampoo and essential oil in it, essential oil will remove unwanted odour. Rub it with scrubber or pumice stone gently. This will remove dead cells from your skin and give you wrinkle-free ankle. Soak it dry and apply foot massage cream. Clip your nails then.

For manicure, you have to follow same procedures. Apply nail polish to keep your nails clean.

Follow these procedures and you are all ready to ‘shine like a crazy diamond’.

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