10 ways to shed off your extra pounds

10 ways to shed off your extra pounds

10 ways to shed off your extra pounds. Image Courtesy – http://www.lossuweight.com

If you are sick of your extra unhealthy weights and going through a strict-n-starving diet and still it seems that you are expanding every day by just drinking water, even sometimes without eating anything, then it is time you reconsider changing some of your lifestyle habits. And trust me, you need not go starving or sweating till the end for acquiring a slim waist-line.

Firstly, you have to understand your body structure. You may possess a broad bone-structure and do not have much of fats but you consider yourself as fat and want to reduce your structure into a lean-n-slim one, then I am assuring you that you need not do anything about it. But if you really have a bulging and protruding belly and you want to reshape yourself, just change a few tiny habits.

Customize your health-mantra

Our mind can be deceived easily, so keep on chanting your health-mantra like “go for veg thrice in a week” or “no oily snacks”. If we go on doing this, our mind will start instructing us in doing so and eventually, we will end up with healthy habits. But do keep in mind, our brain can adopt positive commands only so, whatever you want to say to yourself, frame it positively.

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No procrastination for work-out

We must follow a regular fitness regimen to keep us fit and healthy. Do not delay for planning and implementing. If you do not like to opt for the gym or strict work-out exercise, choose an option, which promotes sweat.

Say ‘NO’ to excessive eating

Often we tend to eat more than we need for maintaining our BMR (Basal metabolic rate, which can be calculated by Weight/Height and it differs according to the age) and more than we can consume. If you are planning to get rid of your stomach fat, you have to put a stop to it. Eat less, eat healthily. Along with those facts, we must avoid some other common habits. We must not eat in front of the TV or we should not chat while having a meal. Because, whenever we do these, we tend to eat more and mostly end up overeating.

Keep a food log-book

Whatever you eat every day, pen them down each time. You may find it very childish and tiring but this writing habit will put a check on your unhealthy food habits. When you will have look in your food journal and find eating so much junk, you will change your food habit automatically.

Say ‘NO’ to junk foods

We must have a clear conception of fast-food and junk-food. Sandwich, burger or puffed rice are fast-food but junk foods are French fries, spicy and oily foods. Fast foods are those which can be made very quickly, and they are healthy and tasty at the same time. But junk foods are tasty but they are not healthy. To keep obesity away, we must refrain from these junk foods.

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Take small meals

Do not take food on a huge amount at a time, take small frequent meals. Instead of having 3-4 big meals, take small 6-8 small meals. This helps in digesting your food effortlessly. And as we have a tendency to eat in bulk, so if we take small meals frequently, that keeps our stomach full and we do not reach out for having more. This leaves our stomach to function efficiently.

Do not eat on food-spree

Feeling low or depressed? You may go for having ice-cream or pastries or chocolate, but if you are thinking of getting in shape, you have to change your emotional food-spree. These foods obviously work on your happiness hormone but at the same time, they store extra unnecessary fat in your body. So, a big NO for these excess-calorie foods!

Keep your body hydrated

Water has a huge role in digestion, so consume adequate water every day. This helps in making your food soluble thus for digestion.

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Know the food-value

Before consuming any food, know its food-value. Every food has its own calorific value, so while buying a packaged food, go for checking its ingredients and they’re according calorific value. If you have a clear idea about this, you can make your own diet chart and you cannot afford to store extra calories in your body.

Have patience

Losing weight does not have any overnight procedure, so be patient if you are taking up a ‘lose weight’ regime.

Most importantly, you must understand that every fat is not harmful to our body and for surviving we do need some fat. MUFA (Monounsaturated Fatty Acid) and PUFA (Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid), commonly known as ‘healthy fats’ are essential to keep our heart and body useful. When you will know about the food-value and calorific value of every intake you are taking, you can easily have a grip on getting obese.

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