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Features of iPhone 8

  • By Shalini Gupta |
  • Wednesday, February 15th, 2017 |

Features of iPhone 8. Image Courtesy –

Apple iPhone has completed its 10 years in smartphone industry. This magical gadget of Steve Joves has created a revolution in smartphone industry of the world through last 10 years.

If everything goes fine, iPhone 8 is coming this year. Assumptions and speculations are going on whether the new device will be named iPhone8, or iPhone10 or iPhoneX. Also, analysis is going on about the specifications of the new iPhone.

What will be the features of the new iPhone? How it will be look like? Let us see assumptions of the technology world.

Probability of virtual home button in the iPhone 8 touchscreen. Image Courtesy –

Features of iPhone 8, upcoming new mobile 2017. Video Courtesy – Tech Health Entertainment.

Probable features of iPhone 8:

(i) There is a probability of 3 models to launch of iPhone 8

(ii) Probability of edge-to-edge screen

(iii) Casing may be of ceramic or glass

(iv) Apple’s new Processor A10 or A11 may be used in iPhone 8

(v) This device will be more water-resistant

(vi) There will be exclusion of home button. But, a virtual home button may be present in the touchscreen

(vii) There is a probability of wireless charging feature in new iPhone 8

(viii) Presence of Augmented Reality and upgraded Dual-lense Camera

(ix) Probability of Apple Pencil Support

(x) Probability of Irish Scanner simultaneously with Fingerprint Scanner

(xi) New version of IOS Operating System may be there

There was no headphone jack in iPhone 7. So, iPhone 8 may be similar to iPhone 7 with no jack for headphone.

If you know any probable feature of iPhone 8, please share in comment.

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