US Parents are managing DIY nasal swab for Coronavirus

US Parents are managing DIY nasal swab for Coronavirus

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US Parents are managing DIY nasal swab for their kids because several studies have shown that children from 5-10 years are the carrier of the genetic material of the novel coronavirus as compared to adults.

It has been almost 7 months since the coronavirus epidemic began. According to the research conducted so far, this new virus infects adults and children differently. The cases reported so far have shown that coronavirus does not affect children as severely as it is being seen in adults.

Pieces of evidence from many countries like the US, Italy, China shows that the probability of children to get infected is lesser than the adults. The statistics also show that children below 10 years do not spread the virus usually, but kids aged 10 years and above may spread the infection most likely the adults. This research also needs more solid proof to be established.

Families in the US going through DIY tests for corona virus

Keeping in mind the low level of transmission of the coronavirus among young children, schools are going to open in the US from the next session. So it becomes even more important to unravel the mystery of how Corona affects children and adolescents.

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It is important to understand whether children are playing the most important role in spreading the coronavirus infection. It is also to understand how children are carrying the virus in their home and society. This is why 2000 families in 11 US cities are participating in a DIY experiment to test COVID-19 at home.

For the DIY experiment, nasal swabs collected from 6,000 volunteers through test kits sent to them by the study’s organizers. After collecting their samples, these kits are sent back to the researchers. Volunteers also fill in the questionnaires sent by the researchers and update them about their symptoms through messages.

What is the purpose of DIY research?

According to the news agency, the purpose of this research is to know how safe it will be to open the schools during the time of the pandemic. On the other hand, parents are happily taking part in the research to uncover and understand this mystery. The results of this research on the families will come by the end of the year. The purpose of the study is also to understand whether there is any inherent protection against the coronavirus in young children having asthma or allergies.

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