Coronavirus can float in the air, scientists provided evidence to the WHO

Coronavirus can float in the air, scientists provided evidence to the WHO

Coronavirus can float in the air, scientists provided evidence to the WHO. Image Courtesy – Deccan Herald

On the last Monday, 293 scientists from 32 countries around the world claimed that coronavirus could float in the air a few days ago. The virus can go beyond the length of a room. The scientists advised the World Health Organization to change the health rules with this claim. The WHO has accepted the demands of the scientists. It is learned that the changes will be made in the health rules.

The World Health Organization has said it will issue a scientific guideline in a few days. The new hygiene rules will probably be announced there. At the same time, the WHO warned the world that the virus still has been spreading.

The Director of WHO, Tedros Adhanom, said that there were still no signs of a reduction in coronavirus infection. On the contrary, it is increasing day by day. The virus took 12 weeks or 3 months for the first 4 million to be infected in the world, but presently 4 million people are being infected in one week.

Adhanam said, “The infection of coronavirus is still on the rise. We have not yet reached the peak of this infection. However, the number of deaths worldwide has slowed slightly. This is because several countries have been able to reduce the number of deaths. But it is still growing in many countries. This virus has captured the whole world.”

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The 239 scientists from 32 countries claimed that microscopic water particles of the novel coronavirus could float in the air for some time. They have multiple proofs of this. This means that the virus can spread from one person to another by floating in the air. So the method of hygiene should be changed.

The scientists said this in an open letter to the World Health Organization. They also said that an article will be published in a journal next week on how to spread the word. There will also be some tips on how to prevent this infection.

The scientists claim that when a person infected with corona sneezes or coughs, water particles from his nose and mouth float in the air. They can cover a distance equal to a house. The virus survives in the air for quite some time. This means that the virus remains active even after the person leaves the house. They are saying that the virus can settle in someone’s body even later. In other words, their argument is that it is not possible to escape from this virus just by keeping social distance.

Earlier, the World Health Organization had repeatedly said that they had not found any conclusive evidence that the virus was floating in the air. A few days ago, Dr Benedetta Allegranzi, Technical Head of the World Health Organization’s Infection Prevention and Control, said, “Over the last few months, many have repeatedly claimed that the coronavirus can float in the air. But we have not found any such conclusive evidence.”

It was initially reported by WHO that if a person infected with corona sneezes or coughs, the water particles emitted from his nose and mouth can enter a nearby person and become infected. So, everyone is told to maintain a distance of at least 2 meters. The WHO also suggested making the use of masks mandatory. It is also advisable to wash your hands frequently with sanitizer and not to touch your nose or mouth. Scientists are advising to change that rule this time.

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