UIDAI introduces Virtual ID for Aadhaar data-safety

UIDAI introduces Virtual ID for Aadhaar data-safety

UIDAI introduces Virtual ID for Aadhaar data-safety. Image Courtesy – http://www.dnaindia.com

Unique Identification Authority of India has introduced a new concept to protect Aadhaar data security in India named ‘Virtual ID’. The authority told that this new system will ensure only need-based sharing of information, and it will be a limited way of KYC to keep the Aadhaar data safe.

This new system of ‘Virtual ID’ will be applicable from 1st March, 2018; it will allow more than 119 crore Aadhaar holders to create a temporary number consisting of 16-digits that can be shared with banks, telecom services, insurance companies etc. The Unique Identification Authority of India also stated that all service providers must upgrade their systems to receive ‘Virtual ID’ from 1st June, 2018.

The officials told that nobody could locate a person’s Aadhaar number by using the ‘Virtual ID’. This ‘Virtual ID’ will be related to limited sharing of information and this concept is initiated to prevent possible misuse and data-theft. The current system allows 5 details of a person when sharing with a service provider at the time of authentication – i.e. name, date of birth, photo of the person, address details and mobile number of the person. But, the new system will allow only need-based sharing of information.

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If you want passport, only then all information may be shared, but if you want a new mobile connection, the telecom service provider will get only your name, photo and address details.

It is clear in the circular of UIDAI that an Aadhaar holder can use ‘Virtual ID’ on behalf of Aadhaar number whenever KYC services are required. Users can create their ‘Virtual ID’ using UIDAI website which will be valid for a certain period of time, or till the time when users want to change it.

The ‘Virtual ID’ will be mapped into user’s Aadhaar number at the system end and it will work for authentication. As per the rule of Unique Identification Authority of India, no agency will be allowed to create ‘Virtual ID’ on behalf of Aadhaar holder for authentication purpose.


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