Top level Anti-corruption official of China accused for corruption

Li Chongxi Graft of China

Zhou Yongkang has been sentenced to 12 years in jail on charges of corruption. Image Courtesy –

A senior Chinese official who was previously a prime helper to detained previous Chinese security boss Zhou Yongkang has been sentenced to 12 years in jail on charges of ‘corruption’, reported by Reuters.

Li Chongxi, who was the top political counsel in China’s southwestern Sichuan region and the leader of the area’s anticorruption ‘watchdog’, is one of a few of Zhou’s political partners to face corruption accusations. He was the most recent open figure who got down with President Xi Jinping’s immeasurable battle against ‘corruption’ inside of the positions of the Chinese Communist Party.

Li was accused of accepting $1.75 million in cash and products and profiting by his positions in Sichuan to pick up area improvement rights for neighborhood organizations. He admitted to his wrongdoings in court and communicated repentance.

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Zhou will spend whatever is left of his life in jail after courts discovered him liable of mishandling power, uncovering ‘state secrets’ and tolerating influences.

The Administration detained Zhang Yun, president and vice chairman of the Agricultural Bank of China, which is one of the nation’s four noteworthy business banks. The Financial Times reported that Zhang had been “taken away to help an examination”.

Mercy was given to the 64-year-old in light of the fact that he has admitted an impressive piece of his criminal lead willfully and presented all his illicit gains. Li said at the court that he would not ‘appeal the case’.

Prosecutors declared an examination concerning Li in September 2014, when he was expelled from his post and removed from the CPC.


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