Sewage found in Rio’s Olympic venue – WHO and sailing body look for virus test

Rio De Janeiro pollution

The World Health Organization has requested the IOC to examine ‘virus’ levels in Rio de Janeiro’s Olympic waters. Image Courtesy –

The World Health Organization has requested the IOC to examine ‘virus’ levels in Rio de Janeiro’s Olympic waters, and the ‘governing body of World Sailing’ said it would begin doing its own independent tests for viruses. WHO initiated this action after a press investigation showed that there was serious health risk of the Olympic athletes due to sewage problems. The World Health Organization also proposed ‘International Olympic Committee’ to start their vigilance for virus levels at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic venues.

WHO has already advised to expand scientific base of markers to include viruses, and to revise the risk assessment of viruses. They also requested the ‘International Olympic Committee’ and ‘Rio Local Organizing Committee’ to follow their recommendations on hospital waste and household treatment.

The Brazilian government and the Olympic Committee have already tested the water to check presence of bacteria. But experts in this field are of the opinion that only the examination of bacteria is not sufficient for safe water. Threats of viruses are also to be monitored to avoid complicated problems. The International Sailing Federation stated that it would initiate virus testing. Peter Sowrey, Chief Executive of the International Sailing Federation told that they have planned to find out somebody for complete examination of bacteria and virus in water and present them with a total perspective.

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The sailing venue in ‘Guanabara Bay’ is gravely polluted. ‘Rodrigo de Freitas Lake’ – a different venue for ‘Rowing’ and ‘Canoeing’ is also polluted as well. The AP examination additionally demonstrated venues for ‘Triathlon’ and ‘Open-water Swimming’ off Copacabana Beach had high infection levels both for the athletes and tourists.

The AP examination demonstrated abnormal amounts of viruses and bacteria are present in venues where approximately 1,400 competitors will compete in water sports to be opened on the 5th August, 2016 as the Rio Olympic Games. A huge amount of sewage and waste water flows untreated into trenches and streams at the side of the hills. Those waterways are connected to Olympic water venues which are filled with floating garbages, household wastes and even dead bodies of animals.

Every sportsman, who is going to participate in the game is worried about the dangerous situation in Rio. Shin Otsuka, on behalf of the International Triathlon Union, told that his organization was going to test the level of viruses.

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Management of the Rio Olympic Committee guaranteed that cleaning of the water would be an ‘Olympic legacy’ when Rio was awarded the Olympic games in the year 2009. But, Mayor of Rio Mr. Edurado Paes acknowledged diametrically opposite situation. He has stated this situation as a ‘lost opportunity’.

Peter Sowrey, the Chief Executive of ISF told that it would be ‘disastrous’ to sail outside the ‘Guanabara Bay; and lose background of Sugarloaf Mountain, which was very much fascinating on postcard and also a focus of media coverage. In many Olympic games, sailing is challenged a long way from the principle Olympic venues. But in Rio, the sailors, canoeists and rowers are going to have middle of everyone’s attention. This is their opportunity to win fans and significant sponsors. Sowrey also commented that the backdrop of Rio was breathtaking, obviously it could be a centre of attraction; but nothing would be done sacrificing the health of the competitors, some positive action would be taken for the sport of sailing.


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