An earthquake of 7.8 magnitude hits Nepal – more than 1800 people died

An earthquake of 7.8 magnitude hits Nepal – more than 700 people died

An earthquake of 7.8 magnitude hits Nepal. Image Courtesy – Xinhua News Agency

The Saturday morning turned sad crosswise over north India and more in neighbouring Nepal when a high intensity earthquake wreaked destruction bringing heavy death toll and loss of property throughout a huge region today. The power of seismic tremor was a mammoth 7.9 on Richter scale. Massive tremors likewise shook Delhi, sending people surging out of their houses in fear.

Reports said that Sikkim has been feeling tremors throughout the previous 3 days. The tremor which struck west of the capital of the Nepal, Kathmandu, murdered more than 1800 people, hundreds of people got injured. This is the strongest quake to hit this country in 81 years in the Himalayan region. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal requested the people to keep patience and cool. He has also written in twitter that officials were working out for assessment of the loss in people’s life.

A few inhabitants were also realising mobile tower congestion as they were attempting to call their companions and relatives immediately after the quake. Two persons died and 17 others were injured in rooftop and a wall collapsed by the vibration of a high intensity quake that shook Bihar today. In perspective of the circumstance, five National Disaster Response Force groups have left for the same number of locale to help people in the wake of the seismic tremor. Bihar Chief Minister, Mr. Nitish Kumar is hurrying back to Patna from New Delhi.

Home Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh told that there were reports of 10-12 setbacks in a few states and loss of property was also reported. Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad, Communications and IT Minister, has asked Mr. Rakesh Garg, Department of Telecommunications Secretary to take assessment of the damage in telecom department in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh because of the quake and to start measures to restore the system.

There were upwards of 14 aftershocks which hit these regions. The seriousness of the quake can be understood from the way that even the 13th post-quake tremor was of high intensity of over 6.6 on Richter scale.

A report said that the tremors second time round were measured at 6.6 on Richter scale. The epicentre was 77 km northwest of Kathmandu in Nepal. The second tremor was of lower force than initial one.

A minimum of 35 people have been died in India, with one died in Bangladesh. Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi held a meeting with his cabinet ministers to survey the circumstance. Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Mr. Nawaz Sharif, has also promised help for the Nepalese powers.

In the wake of the overwhelming tremor in Nepal, a control room has been set up in Ministry of External Affairs to give all assistance and data round the clock.

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