Top 10 Tips To Lower Electricity Bills Every Month

Top 10 Tips To Lower Electricity Bills Every Month

Top 10 Tips To Lower Electricity Bills Every Month. Image Courtesy –

If ‘Energy Saved Is similar to Energy Gained’ then you can always consider ‘Money Saved and Money Earned’. We work to earn money and then we spend the money to get the basic and other necessities for us and our families. The money has great power and it can buy almost everything except a few. Therefore saving money is a big responsibility and a challenge too. However, if you plan well and work accordingly, then you can always find some ways to reduce your expense so that you can save (or earn) some money.

The financial experts have a great suggestion for you that you can always implement in your everyday life to save a big sum of money almost every month. If you are consumer of electricity, then you are likely to pay a big sum of money as electricity bills. The amount varies for domestic and commercial usage as the rates for unit consumption vary for both. Irrespective of the amount, you are sure to make a big expense as the payment of electricity bills. You may always look for the ways that can help you to reduce the bill amount.

The experts have come up with some top tips that you can always follow to reduce the amount. Remember, every penny you save can be a big amount for you later on. So, what these tips for money saving are?

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Here they are:

1. Develop the habit of switching off the electrical appliances when not in use. Switch off the lights, Fans, and ACs before leaving the room. It is not difficult at all. You just need to develop the habit. However, it is collective effort that everybody in the family should remember and follow.

2. The experts believe switching off the heavier electrical appliance like washing machines, refrigerators, etc is not enough. You would need to plug them off from the socket. It works to reduce the consumption load to a great extent.

3. Avoid using heavier electrical appliances when not necessary. For example, you should switch on the fan instead of the air-conditioner whenever you are in the room. Using an AC is not a healthy practice. Additionally, it consumes loads of energy.

4. Using energy-efficient electrical appliances can be a great idea, and thanks should be given to science and the scientists for discovering LED bulbs, tubes, fans, and other such things that reduce the load on electricity consumption.

5. Maintaining the ACs, water-coolers, washing machines, and other such appliances is a must. Usually, they consume a great quantity of electricity. This consumption increases when they face any technical issues. Pay attention to them and get them repaired at the earliest possible.

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6. In case you have the habit of washing your cloth in warm water, then give up this habit immediately. Start washing your laundry in cold water. It can either put your water heater at rest or make the gas oven get some rest. The choice is yours but that can help you electricity if you use a water heater or emersion rod for the same. Both consume loads of electricity and make your bill amount touch the sky!

7. Using an alternate source of energy can be a great idea. The experts are full of praise for the possibilities of solar energy. You just need the have the determination for using this option along with a readiness to spend money. You can make the most use of the solar energy leaving the home appliance to electricity current.

8. The experts advise you to buy star-rated appliances. Significantly, these star-rates are actually their electricity efficiency. You should consult with the experts to know the extent of energy these appliances consume for you.

9. Install and use smart electric sockets/switches and dimmer switches. The dimmer switches are just like fan regulators that you can use to increase or decrease the light as per your need. To be very realistic, these techniques really work and many people have been satisfied and happy with the outcome.

10. Limit the time for using some home appliances that consume a huge amount of electricity. Use the TV, water heater, dishwasher, and other such instruments for a limited period. You must follow this strictly to get the result in the form of reduced electricity bill amount.

You may believe it or not, but most of these tips really help you to reduce the amount ion your electricity bills. You just need to develop the need and readiness to adopt these tips on a regular basis. Most of these are possible to follow.

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