5 Kilowatt Solar Tree by Bengali Scientist Shivnath Maity

5 Kilowatt Solar Tree by Bengali Scientist Shivnath Maity

5 Kilowatt Solar Tree by Bengali Scientist Shivnath Maity. Image Courtesy – ABP News Network

This is also a tree, but of a different kind. Just like any trees, that survives through photosynthesis and procure food for them; this tree acts with photo electricity with the help of sunlight. Leaves of this tree are made of ‘silicon-based semiconductor wafers’ which produce electricity instead of food.

This ‘Solar Tree’ is made by a Bengali Scientist Shivnath Maity of Durgapur, West Bengal. This tree is made for Dr. Harsh Vardhan, incumbent minister at Ministry of Science and Technology (India) and Ministry of Earth Sciences. One of these trees is capable to produce 5 Kilowatt of current. This amount of current can enlighten at least 5 homes in a village. A lot of current will be saved in the minister’s house from tomorrow at ‘Tees January Marg’, New Delhi.

It is generally seen that solar panel is installed in the roof of a house. But why this tree is made? This answer is also solved by Scientist Shivnath Maity.

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Shivnath Maity, a Senior Scientist of ‘Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute’, explained that to install this ‘Solar Power Tree’, very little amount of land is required. In this tree, solar panels are designed in such a way that these panels use sunlight throughout the day.

Generally a solar panel takes a lot of place if installed on the roof, or in the courtyard, or in a field. In present system, to produce 1 Megawatt of electricity, at least 5 acre land is required. Similarly 50,000 acre is required for 10,000 Megawatt of electricity. But this ‘Solar Power Tree’ takes only 4 Sq.feet land.

In Maity’s opinion, it is very hard to get land in states like West Bengal and Kerala. In big or small towns, where prices of lands are very high, this tree can solve the problem. In congested towns this tree can be installed easily in roofs, or beside the roads, or other small lands, and obviously in huge numbers also.

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Scientist Rudra Prasad Chatterjee of ‘Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute’, Durgapur, West Bengal, told that solar panel has a drawback of getting dust in it. So, production of electricity gets decreased. But, this ‘Solar Power Tree’ is prepared in such a way that it can be easily washed by water.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan visited this institute at Durgapur couple of months earlier which is under the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, and he saw the tree there. He liked the tree very much and made a demand for one of them to be installed in his house. At the same time, one ‘Solar Power Tree’ has also been installed at CSIR Anusandhan Bhawan, New Delhi.

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Now, the question is for price of a ‘Solar Power Tree’. Presently a tree of 5 Kilowatt prices Rs.5 Lakhs. Obviously the price will decrease when the quantity of production will rise.

Whatever be the situation today, it is encouraging to every citizen of India that Scientist Shivnath Maity has shown a new dimension and concept in the way of using ‘Solar Energy’; which will be researched further by other scientists also in future. We can assume that the range of price of a ‘Solar Tree’ become available to the common people in near future.

Source: ABP News Network

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