Technology has Changed Manufacturing of Sports Shoes Today

Technology has Changed Manufacturing of Sports Shoes today

Technology has changed the manufacturing of sports shoes today. Image Courtesy – Sport Seasons

Tremendous scientific development has been observed in the area of sports for a decade. The concepts that are being used currently have been developed on the basis of current research concerning sports science, sports medicine, biomechanics, the performance of a sportsperson etc.

If we get back to the primitive age, we can recall that humans used to hunt animals by running barefoot or with basic sandals tied around their feet. Those hunters achieved their success in hunting animals only by their physical ability. They used to get absolutely no benefit out of their shoes.

But, in current days humans are using science and technology to enhance their running performances. In the previous decade, we saw a huge usage of cushions in sport’s shoes. But, in today’s technology, the cushion is not of primary importance in decreasing the maximum load of heel impact. The modern scientific research shows that cushion and very hard sole both generate a negative impact on the feet. It affects the ability of the sportsperson which is directly related to the performance.

Today’s scientific research tries to recompense the difference between the artificial ground and natural ground of the sports. Researchers have been able to find out the problems that arise during the various movements of the feet and injury caused by the pronation velocity. The sports dynamics has been very much helpful to find out the method of solving sports injuries.

Cushioning and medial support was the trend of the sports shoe industry that belonged to 10 years ago. The recent trend in the sports shoe industry is to reduce the influence of the shoe on the natural movement pattern of a sportsperson. Various factors from the various types of sports are taken into account while developing a sports shoe. The concept of different shoe width has been considered also. Nearly every sports discipline has its special shoe developed and available nowadays.

The new generation of sports shoes is made of some specific materials that are durable and light-weight. Material like Kevlar is much stronger than leather or canvas. Polyurethane is used to make a sports shoe with extra cushioning, and thermoplastic Polyurethane makes the shoe strong and flexible.

With the advancement of technology, scientists have developed new composite materials that work better than 2-3 separate materials. Earlier, different materials were used for stability, elasticity and density. Currently, one composite material is used for overall effectiveness with new designs.

Polyurethane is used in modern sports shoe that offers elasticity like rubber and it also becomes tough and durable like metal. This material is also useful to maintain the measurement of space. Polyurethane is lightweight and it has tremendous shock absorption ability. It has become helpful to prepare sports shoe with this material because of its tremendous flexible capability with torsional and bending strength.

Kevlar is such a developed organic fibre that helps in preparing sports shoes with optimum functionality for using in the big games like the Olympics. The product was invented in 1970 and since then it has been developed and used in various industries continuously. This organic fibre has an extraordinary combination of properties, and that is the reason it has been used in multiple industries for preparing multiple commercial products.

Fibres of Kevlar is made of Poly-Paraphenylene Terephthalamide (C14H14N2O4) that produces long inter-connecting molecular chains. The compound offers various properties like structural stiffness, lightweight, strong bearing capacity, low conductivity to electric current, low thermal shrinkage, superb dimensional strength, chemical resistance, flame resistance etc.

A number of companies in the world are preparing sports shoes with the growing advancement of technology. They are using this unique material for their sports accessories section. Some of these brands are Puma, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Fila, Under Armour, ASICS, Skechers, Red Tape, Salomon, Columbus, Duke, HRX, Lotto, Action, Liberty, New Balance, Power, Sparx, SEVEN, Hummel, Mizuno, Off Limits, Allen Cooper etc.

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