How hockey gained popularity in the US?

How hockey gained popularity in the US?

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Ice hockey has gained its popularity in the US according to recent studies. An interactive market research was performed by a company in Rochester, New York, at the end of 2013; constituting 2,311 people of the United States, starting from 18 to old age people. Hockey came in the 6th position in the list. Sports like Pro-Football, Baseball, College Football, Auto Racing, Men’s Pro-Basketball were above Hockey in that list. The main reason is that people use to get a huge amount of fun and excitement on watching the game.

In comparison to American Football, Ice Hockey is very fast and it requires continuous action and excitement during the game. Sometimes, it takes 15-20 minutes at a stretch for the players in action. The players of Ice hockey move in a very fast pace with ice-skating shoes, use their sticks to shoot a vulcanised rubber puck into the opponent’s net. The puck is formed 3 inches in diameter and 1 inch in thickness. So, this is not so easy to hit a puck while moving with skating shoes.

American Football is a very fast and violent sport where players run at other player at full speed and tackle them to the ground. Many often there are fights used to break out during the game due to rough involvement of the game. Fighting in American Football sometimes done by players during the game as per the expectations of their fans. But, instead of that, it is the top rated sport in US.

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Ice hockey players usually start playing at very young age. A kid of 4 years can start playing Ice Hockey, because the reason is that once you know how to skate, you can start learning how to play Hockey. The young group in US are usually put into scheduled programs designed for ice hockey training at the age of eight, helping them to introduce with fundamentals before entering to competitive leagues. Like any other sport, basic training of hockey is very important.

Ice hockey is an expensive game because all the equipments and uniforms for it are matched with the environment and icy floor on which a player performs. Besides, to learn and perform it in a standard way, you have to hire a suitable coach for your child. So, finding a good coach suitable for your child has the same importance as to manage equipments.

The role of a coach is not only to train your child the game, but also to guide your child to perform his level best in a competition. Kids are diverse in their mentality so finding a coach who will be capable to understand your child’s nature and temperament and to train them into the best performer is very much important. Appointing a coach for your kid who is positive, enthusiastic, encouraging and patient to give proper physical, tactical and psychological training is probably the key factor.

One of the reasons is that hockey has risen on the popularity chart because of very few breaks during the total span of time; and players usually move constantly as they use to stand on skates. Scoring a goal in ice hockey is an exciting view like a football player scores a goal. The fan groups in hockey are energizing and crazy. Hockey fans are die-hard fans and are known to be the loudest fan base than any other games.

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