Spanish police ceased another plan of terrorist attack

Spanish police ceased another plan of terrorist attack

Spanish police ceased another plan of terrorist attack. Image Courtesy – Evening standard

Spanish police fired and killed five people carrying bomb belts. The people were connected with a couple of van assaults that have killed 14 individuals earlier in the most recent terrorist attack in Europe. The ‘Islamic State’ terrorist group claimed the attack.

Government of Catalonia stated that police responded to the terrorist attack in the seaside resort of Cambrils, south of Barcelona.

Police stated on Friday evening that the terrorists at Cambrils had knives and one axe inside their car; and it was also reported that they pierced one man before they were killed. Spanish media reported that a car had crashed into a police vehicle and ordinary people in Cambrils, and then the police officers had shot the assailants. One of the terrorists was equipped with a knife. Six people got injured including a police officer. The bomb squad exploded the bomb belts.

The terrorist attack at tourist season in Spain left victims sprawled over Barcelona’s famous road, scattered with blood and wriggling in pain in recent past. Others were escorted inside shops by the police officers with covering children in their arms.

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The Islamic State group declared their message through its news agency ‘Aamaq’ that the attack has been planned by the followers to target the countries which participated in the coalition attempting to drive it from Syria and Iraq.

Two different suspects were captured. One of the suspects was a Spanish national from Melilla and the other was a Moroccan. The arrest occurred in the northern Catalan town of Ripoll and in Alcanar, where a gas blast in a house was being examined for a conceivable association.

RTVE, the Spanish Radio and Television Corporation and other news sources named one of the confined as Driss Oukabir. In their report, the RTVE told Oukabir went to police in Ripoll to report that his identity proofs had been stolen. On the other hand, a Spanish media reported that the ID proofs along with Oukbir’s name were found in the van used by the terrorists. He tried to give the logic that his brother might have stolen them.

Multiple terrorist attacks have been occurred so far in London this year. It is calculated that the terrorists have targeted European countries with more frequent attacks this year rather than targeting the US. There may be the reason of strict policy taken by the US President Donald Triumph against the terrorists.


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