UK intelligent officers found details of 22,000 ISIS terrorists

UK intelligent officers found details of 22,000 ISIS terrorists

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Details Of 22,000 ISIS terrorists were leaked. In what could be the greatest leap forward in the battle against Terrorism, a store of records containing the individual data of 22,000 ISIS ‘Jihadists’ in Syria and Iraq has been recovered by UK intelligent officers after a disappointed enlisted person stole the memory card of the leader of ISIS.

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In the reports, names, nationalities, addresses, phone numbers, family contacts and even blood group classifications of 22,000 enlisted people are found. Furthermore, the report contains the particulars of 16 British contenders, including Birmingham ‘hacker’ Junaid Hussain. Reyaad Khan, who was born in Cardiff and British rapper Abdel Bary, a 26-year-old from London who joined ISIS in the year 2013 spending time in Libya, Egypt and Turkey.

Intelligence officers think this is the greatest ISIS intelligence trail revealed subsequent to the war against the terrorist group began.

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The forms are related to one of the world’s most criticized, merciless terrorist associations; simultaneously, they are also a functional section of bureaucracy. Zaman Al-Wasl, distributed 122 pages of records it guaranteed to get from an ISIS defector. These 122 records, out of around 1,700 overall allegedly got by the same production, just relate to self-recognizing suicide assailants from Arab nations. The daily newspaper is a continuous supporter of the ISIS which is fighting against both Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s troops and deadly groups like ISIS. German intelligence officers claimed that they had identical documents as well; however they did not point of interest how they got them.

According to the newspaper per Zaman Al-Wasl, while they incorporate lines to be rounded out later – like the site and time of a man’s demise – the substance for the most part comprises of questions and answers posed at a border crossing into domain controlled by the alleged Islamic State.

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A ‘black ISIS banner’ is flawlessly stamped on the right corner. At the upper left corner was the version of a border entry stamp. It was written up in Urdu, perfectly organized in lines and sections, with “private” stamped at the base.

The words incorporated responses to basic inquiries, similar to the ‘would-be activist’s’ date of birth, blood group, address, marital status and name of the countries he travelled.

Others are marginally more particular and address the association they need to join – like the individual’s status of religion (Sharia level), experience of jihad and their “level of obedience.”

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