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US President Donald Trump

Security strategies of Donald Trump. Image Courtesy –

US President Donald Trump wants to start a construction on a wall at the border of Mexico within couple of months. He has expressed his desire in an interview of ABC News. Donald Trump took off official activities on immigration, fixing security of the border. He re-allocated government’s money, and started movement for construction at the border wall.

In an interview with ABC, Trump included that while he was moving dollars of U.S. taxpayers to start paying for its development project, Mexico would eventually reimburse the total in accordance with his ‘campaign promise’.

Trump stated that they would be repaid at a later date from whatever exchange they made from Mexico. He dismissed protestations from the Mexican government that they were reluctant to pay for the wall. Rather, he emphasized that Mexico would give the payment.

US President Donald Trump wants to start a construction on a wall at the border of Mexico within couple of months.. Video Courtesy –

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Trump was thinking about official requests to withdraw Obama period confinements on water boarding and other cross examination methods which previous President Barack Obama called torture. Trump told that he was conceding to his Secretary of Defence, James Mattis, who has prompted against bringing them back.

Trump told ABC News that he trusted the strategic work. But, he mentioned that Mattis has let them know they did not. He has kept the door open to bring back the supposed upgraded ‘interrogation strategies’ later.

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The President’s activities to exclude an overall prohibition on Muslims entering the U.S., yet he likewise requested the State Department to “withhold visas” and utilize different instruments to ensure remote governments.

Strict indications have been found from the side of US President to guard America from foreign intruders and terrorists. It was expected that he would initiate stringent measure to eradicate terrorist activities from the US as well as from the world.


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