Scientists are expecting another terrible new epidemic after Covid-19

Scientists are expecting another terrible new epidemic after Covid-19

Scientists are expecting another terrible new epidemic after Covid-19. Image Courtesy – MarketWatch

Scientists say that more the deforestation will be, the more deadly virus will spread to humans. The reason is that forests are a shield between humans and viruses. Scientists have said it long before.

In order to prevent the spread of unknown viruses from the body of wild animals, deforestation must be prevented first. Scientists say that the next virus after COVID-19 could spread from the Amazon, the world’s largest rain forest. The forest is being destroyed randomly, and that is the most worrying thing now.

More than 125,000 hectares (nearly 310,000 acres) of the Brazilian Amazon forest have been destroyed according to the statistics of August 2019. The area resembles 172,000 soccer fields have been destroyed illegally due to harvesting of valuable Brazillian wood by Timber Mafias. It is a matter of concern.

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Nearly 1,220 sq km of the forest area has been lost in the Amazon this year. The Amazon rainforest provides 20% of the world’s oxygen. One of the important subjects is that there are many unnamed animals in this forest and they have unknown deadly viruses in their body. Once a virus from their body starts spreading among people, it will be more dangerous.

David Lapola, a Brazilian environmental scientist, said that it was not uncommon for viruses from different animals to spread to humans through the urbanization in the forests. There are many known and unknown viruses in the deep forests of the Amazon. If people use to destroy forests and enter into the deep forests, they will obviously be infected with the virus. The way Amazon is being destroyed can then spread a new virus from there.

Apart from Amazon, so many forests are being destroyed in different countries. Even the existing trees within human civilization which regularly supply oxygen, are also at stake. Many different forests near hills and rivers are also at stake. Those trees are targeted by ‘Timber Mafias’.

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They are rampantly destroying trees in the dark at night. Some of the groups of ‘Timber Mafia’ are destroying trees within our civilization very intelligently. They put Sulfur into the stem of the trees, or put dangerous chemicals into the roots. Some of them work near the big trees in the disguise of a maintenance executive and make a hole in the stems in such a way that the hole can be covered up by the tree barks. They usually put harmful chemicals in the hole and cover up the hole with the tree barks.

Common people in society cannot even understand the theory of destroying the trees. They simply feel that everything is okay with those trees. But, after a certain period of time, those trees begin to die with all the leaves and flowers dried up. Ultimately, the big trees die and become valuable timbers for the ‘Timber Mafias’.

If we do not check ourselves somehow from destroying the trees, human civilization will definitely come to an end. The present conditions are just some indications of the dead end.

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