Role of tree to protect climate change and better living

Role of tree to protect climate change and better living

Role of the tree to protect climate change and better living. Illustration – Bigumbrella

Climate change and Global warming are two similar words today we face in our life, and this warning is significantly haunting us towards devastating natural calamities throughout the world in the future. But in fact, it is not clear what major or minor steps are taken by all the countries to keep our green planet safe?

Global warming is increasing with the increase of CO2 in the climate, and the effect is called ‘Greenhouse Gas’. The average temperature of our green planet’s surface is increased near about 1.6 – 4.3oC by the 2100 century. More amount of CO2 in the atmosphere causes ‘extremely high temperatures’ at a maximum level most of the time, or ‘extremely low’ minimum temperatures less frequently, decrease in snowfall rate, extreme rainfall for several times, acidification and expansion of sea levels, expansion of infectious diseases etc.

A huge amount of CO2 emission in the atmosphere has resulted in a change in the ocean’s pH as it absorbs CO2. A change in the ocean’s pH is causing damage to all the under-water organisms. Another symptom is coming to light as far as the under-water element is concerned, is ‘coral bleaching’. This issue is caused due to warmer sea surfaces. It is happening because the coral removes their ‘zooxanthellae’, photosynthetic algae, which has an important role in many attractive colours of corals.

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Let us analyze the necessity of planting trees in huge numbers and causes how we should protect existing trees to save our nature –

Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere using sunlight and store carbon in the form of wood through photosynthesis. More youthful trees ingest carbon dioxide rapidly while they are developing, however, as tree ages and enduring state is, in the end, came to, and as of right now the measure of carbon ingested through photosynthesis is like that lost through breath and rot. In the event that trees are planted deliberately close to this time in the development cycle, and new trees are, then this can keep the forest area which can submerge carbon. So, planned reforestation can have the capacity to take up the most extreme measure of carbon conceivable.

Usually, trees and plants consume carbon dioxide and water as raw material during their photosynthesis process, use sunlight to produce carbohydrates. This carbohydrate is required to produce cellulose as far as the woody plant is concerned. So carbon is locked in woods. Oxygen is produced as a by-product of photosynthesis and maintains the necessary level of oxygen in the atmosphere for all living beings. Some amount of carbon dioxide is returned to our atmosphere through respiration. But a huge amount of carbon is stored in leaf, wood, branch, root etc. in the form of the carbon chain (i.e. biomass).

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To maintain the supply of oxygen for all living creatures including the human being, proper planning for reforestation should be structured. The administration of every country should focus on the necessity of stringent law enforcement in support of that. Because, few of the developing countries like India, where population influx is a grave problem, and with this aftermath land promoting and real estate business has become a real headache to the growth of green lands and forests. Destruction of large trees is happening rampantly in the name of development.

It is time to think seriously and take action to maintain the balance of the eco-system. Otherwise, we have to face critical diseases and severe infections due to lack of oxygen and profuse quantity of carbon dioxide. Natural calamities like cloud burst and other extreme situations may occur again and again.

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