Mobile Tower Radiation – alarming to human beings, animals & plants


Mobile phone towers are scientifically tested technology today, but there have been no long-term studies done on the impacts of the exposure of its radiation on human being, animals and plants. Some ideas are generated through a couple of years about the damage that happens to all the livings creatures in this world. Mount Shasta Bio-regional Ecology Centre in California reported that there was evidence of DNA damage for all living beings even at low range.

Some report also revealed that there are connections of various diseases like ‘Brain Tumour’, ‘Cancer’, ‘Immunity’, ‘Miscarriage’, ‘Depression’, ‘Alzheimer’s’ etc. with Radiofrequency radiation.

The World Health Organization characterized ‘radiofrequency’ electromagnetic fields, based upon the studies demonstrating an expanded danger of brain tumour in May 2011. This probability is effective to those people connected with the wireless phone due to microwave radiation.

The Veterinary School of Hanover in Germany reported that dairy cows that were kept juxtaposition to wireless towers for a long time had reduced production in milk, simultaneously they had a lot of health issues and behavioural strangeness increased.

The most capable cell towers are put on mountains and ridges outside urban territories. Investigations of individuals and creatures in the territory demonstrate a wide range of anxiety problems like ‘Insomnia’, ‘Conception Deformities’, ‘Alzheimer’s’, ‘Cancer’ etc. Numerous European nations have effectively set exposure limits of radiation much lower than the Federal Communications Commission permits. Numerous individual researchers caution that microwave radiation has a ‘biological impact’.

A study driven by the Government of Germany in 2004 found that individuals living within 1300 feet range of mobile towers had a three times higher risk of cancer than the normal one. A French medical study showed individuals living within 1,000 feet range of mobile towers recorded a surprisingly abnormal state of complaints like ‘exhaustion’, ‘memory loss’, ‘migraines’, ‘depression’, ‘cardiovascular issues’ etc. The Indian government has banned mobile towers in school and hospital premises and guided mobile companies to take authorization from residents’ welfare association before setting up base stations in local areas. It was done to restrict the harmful impacts of electromagnetic radiation.

The human body itself is electromagnetic and its level is around 10 hertz. It has been demonstrated that every one of our cells has its own particular electromagnetic field (EMF). Maintaining balance in these body cell’s electromagnetic field is critical for staying healthy.

Many years of studies have proven that artificial frequencies higher than 10 hertz can make stress and genuine health problems.

Mobile tower microwaves have an essentially higher frequency than radio waves – approximately 1900 MHz. The higher the frequency is, the more effective is the wave, and the more capable impact it has on biological organisms.

These higher vitality waves can really destroy ‘chemical’ and ‘molecular bonds’, making a disturbance in our essential biochemical structures.

The negative wellbeing impacts of Electro Magnetic Radiation are very much registered.

Studies have demonstrated that EMFs can influence ‘Enzymes’, ‘DNA’, ‘Metabolism’, ‘Genes’, ‘Hormones’ etc.

One of the issues is that this harm is combined in the tissues, and can take years, even decades to be prominent.

Some agencies made explanations about radiofrequency radiation responsible for causing cancer. ‘The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)’ has ordered Radiofrequency as “Potentially cancer-causing to people”, in view of constrained proof of a conceivable increment in danger for ‘Brain Tumours’ among mobile phone users. IARC additionally noticed that brain exposure to Radiofrequency fields from wireless base stations is under 1/100th the submission to the brain from mobile phones.

The Environmental Protection Agency states that RF energy is very risky at abnormal levels. It can warm the body’s tissues quickly. Such abnormal levels are recognized near ‘powerful long-distance transmitters’. Mobile phones and wireless networks produce ‘Radiofrequency’, however not at levels that cause noteworthy warming. Furthermore, RF energy diminishes as the distance increase. Exposure to ‘Radiofrequency’ from sources like mobile phone towers is normally low at ground level. Scientists keep on researching the impacts of long term exposure to low levels of Radiofrequency.

Anyway, in the event that we are worried about probable exposure from a mobile phone tower close to our home or office, we can ask a government organization or private firm to examine the RF field quality close to the tower, to ensure that it is within the satisfactory range.

There is no test to gauge whether we have been exposed to RF radiation from wireless towers. Anyhow, as noted above, most researchers and administrative authorities do not accept that mobile phone towers cause risk to health under normal condition. We may need to consult with our doctor if we face additional health problems.

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