President Trump is approaching to ban Chinese app TikTok in the US

President Trump is approaching to ban Chinese app TikTok in the US

President Trump is approaching to ban Chinese app TikTok in the US. Image Courtesy – News of the day

US President Donald Trump said on Friday that the idea of ​​banning the TikTok app is continuing. During a conversation with the media at the White House, Trump said that he could ban TikTok. He stated there were some other options, let us see what would happen. He also told that they may have to wait for a decision to come.

Trump has spoken of banning TikTok many times before. The US Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo and several top officials have also reiterated his point. According to US officials, national security is threatened by TikTok. It sends personal information of US people to China.

On the basis of several reports, it is heard that Microsoft is having a discussion with ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok. Microsoft is expected to buy the business of TikTok in the US.

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Previously, two US companies like General Atlantic and Sequoia Capital were planning to buy TikTok from its owner ByteDance. Both companies were ascertaining from the Treasury Department whether the ban could be stopped if American companies bought it.

According to the report of the Wall Street Journal, ByteDance is planning to move its headquarters from Beijing. ByteDance has undergone corporate restructuring for the most parent entity to be incorporated in Cayman Islands, UK. India is particularly the largest marketplace for TikTok, with over 611 million downloads, representing nearly one-third of the video platform’s base, followed by China and therefore the US. In China, it operates under a special brand.

The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg claimed that the administration of Donald Trump may say ByteDance to sell TikTok, though the order may be issued within a couple of days. Many US leaders like Senator Marco Rubio told that TikTok was a threat to the national security of the US. Some of the senators have also placed a written demand for a ban on TikTok to the Attorney General. TikTok has appointed Kevin Mayer as its CEO in the month of May. ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, has its offices in various countries like Los Angeles, Paris, London, Berlin, Dubai, Mumbai, Jakarta, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul etc.

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