Hong Kong Virologist Li Meng Yan Reveals the Real Face of Communist Government

Hong Kong Virologist Li Meng Yan Reveals the Real Face of Communist Government

Hong Kong Virologist Li Meng Yan Reveals the Real Face of Communist Government. Image Courtesy – Swarajya

A virus similar to SARS-1 had spread in China before December 2019. But the character of this virus was different from SARS, more contagious, says Li Meng Yan. Li Meng Yan, an expert in the Department of Virology and Immunology at the Hong Kong School of Public Health, said her research was about the virus. She has been researching on influenza and SARS viruses for many years.

According to the virologist, she started research on corona long before the news of the viral infection spread from Uhan. Li Meng said that she began testing the new virus at a special biosafety lab in Hong Kong. She understood that this viral strain is much more deadly.

She started looking for ways to deal with the virus. But before the research work could go far, she started receiving threatening phone calls. Her computer was hacked. Surveillance of personal information also begins.

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Chinese government officials have told the World Health Organization that influenza-like viruses have spread. They were unaware of the infectious viral strain SARS-COV-2. According to Li Meng, China knew that a new kind of infectious virus was starting to become an epidemic. But this is the information they concealed. Scientists were not been allowed to study the virus.

Lee said that she told his supervisor about the virus. But they did not pay special attention. Li Meng then secretly began researching himself. But, somehow that news spread. According to the virologist, the doctors and scientists who were studying the virus in China suddenly started disappearing. Death news of many of them also came. The doctors locked their faces in fear and panic. Patients are advised to use masks. But, the doctors did not say whether the virus could be transmitted to humans. Everyone was forced to keep their mouths shut.

“There were constant threats to stop the research. I realized that this virus could go into epidemic proportions. I knew that if I had said that in China, I would have been killed like everyone else,” claimed Li Meng Yan. She said that she was forced to flee to the United States on April 28 on a flight from Hong Kong. She took her research report, hidden lab camera and sensor with her. “I know my life is still in danger. I can’t go back to my home in Hong Kong. I fled to the United States just to tell you the truth,” said virologist Li Meng Yan.

The scientists, doctors or journalists who brought forth the news of the virus infection killing people have either disappeared or died mysteriously. Li Wenliang, an ophthalmologist at Wuhan Central Hospital, was the first to warn Chinese residents about the coronavirus. The 34-year-old doctor saved many lives from the virus and became a ‘national hero’ to the people of the country. He got the focus of the police’s anger. He was threatened also. Later a rumour was spread that he has died of coronavirus infection.

Li Zehua, a journalist in Uhan, went missing after bringing the news of coronavirus. He went missing shortly after the news broke about how the virus was spreading in Uhan. He was recently found. Another Wuhan journalist, Chen Qiushi, has yet to be identified. He went missing after posting a video in the local media of how many bodies were being cremated. According to the sources, another journalist named Fang Bin is still missing after covering the news about Coronavirus.

The computer of Li Meng Yan was also got hacked. Government thugs were constantly threatening her. She knew that she would be killed at any time. Ultimately she escaped from China. These incidents and descriptions show how a fascist government is ruling in China. This is the actual face of Communism which creates an absolute situation of ‘0’ tolerance for the fact showers.

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