Old age home for bodybuilders, initiated by Biswarup

‘Biswarup’ of Agarpara initiates old age home for bodybuilders

Biswarup’ initiated old age home for National & International certified bodybuilders. Image Courtesy – CBC.ca

An old age home for bodybuilders is a concept that should be encouraged in the socio-economic perspective in India.

Biswarup of Agarpara successfully completed 27th Rakhibandhan Utsab this year. Due to the COVID situation, they celebrated Rakhibandhan on their main campus with a minimum of arrangements. The organization has now taken a step to help the old helpless bodybuilders by providing them with food and shelter. It is a great initiative to help aged sports persons like this. We have found that many aged sportspersons are facing afflictions due to financial crisis at their last days of lives. This scenario is almost similar to every section of sports in India. An old age home for bodybuilders is a concept that should be encouraged.

Bodybuilding is such a sport that attracts a lot of sponsors and the performers usually get a sizeable amount of money nowadays. But, the picture was different in the earlier days of bodybuilding. There were no sponsors and financial boost-up programs in earlier days.

To achieve a certain level, a bodybuilder used to spend all the money from his pocket. They used to earn money as long as they remained an active performer in bodybuilding. But, after getting old and retired from the profession around the age of 60-65 years they used to become penniless and sometimes deprived by their families also. So, the last days of their lives used to remain in acute destitution and they had to live abandoned in society.

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Biswarup has launched a project to look after the helpless old persons who had national and international achievement. There are many people in India who had national and international achievements and certificates. A few of them also are deeply neglected by their family and society. An old age home for bodybuilders will be a good gesture to honour them.

‘Biwarup’ has targeted their noble project to help former bodybuilders in West Bengal. Initially, they will accommodate 6 former bodybuilders with free food and lodging for the rest of their life. The selection of the bodybuilders will be done by verifying their documents and on the basis of their previous achievements in the area of bodybuilding. Bodybuilders of above sixty years of age will be allowed to stay there.

Your blessings and co-operations are expected in making the venture successful.


Biswanath Malakar, Founder & President (Mobile: 70440 85985)

Kartick Chandra Das, Secretary (Mobile: 90514 98928)

You can give donation at the details mentioned below:

Bank of Baroda, B T Road branch, Account Numbr-34760100004202, IFSC Code-BARBOBTROAD

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