Rakhi Bandhan Utsav to be organized by Biswarup


Rakhi Bandhan Utsav to be organized by Agarpara Biswarup. Image Courtesy – Hindustan Times

It is a special Hindu festival according to the cultural heritage of India and its neighbouring countries like Nepal, Bangladesh etc. This festival is originated to symbolize the love between a brother and a sister. The occasion of ‘Raksha Bandhan’ or ‘Rakhi Bandhan’ is usually celebrated on the full moon day (Purnima) in the month of Shravana, which generally comes in the month of August.

The festival focuses the bonding between a brother and a sister. The relationship between brother and sister is simply unique and is given significance throughout the world. Explaining it for India, it becomes a great festival as the India symbolizes a land of variegated cultural heritage.

To mark the relationship of a sister and a brother, the sister and brother come together with their family; in front of a lamp, the sister ties a thread on her brother’s right wrist. This signifies the emotional bond between sister and brother, and renews the promise of the brother to protect his sister.

The history of ancient India told that ‘Rakhi’ has also been used to empower kingdoms and make alliances. As per the example of Indian history – Alexander the Great used to undertake his invasion of India in the 326 BC. After encountering the powerful king Porus, it is said that the Alexander’s wife approached the Porus and tied a ‘Rakhi’ on his hand to ensure the safety of her husband and extended the relation to brotherhood.

‘Rakhi Bandhan’ can also be used to symbolize other relationships like friends, neighbours etc. For the cultural society like India ‘Rakhi Bandhan’ is a polite way for a girl to put somebody from the opposite sex into the ‘friend-zone’.

‘AGARPARA BISWARUP’ is going to organize their annual function ‘Rakhi Bandhan Utsab’ like every year. This is the 26th year in continuation and this year the programme will be celebrated at ‘Sodepur Loksanskriti Bhaban’ (near Sodepur traffic more) on the 18th of August 2019 (Sunday).

The organization needs a lot of help, blessing, and co-operation from the people every nook and corner. All are invited on that special day. Please come and cheer the mentally retarded children who will perform on that special day. They are expecting for all type of co-operation to promote ‘Mentally Retarded’ children and for the betterment of their life. All kinds of motivations are cordially invited.


Contact – Mr. Biswanath Malakar, Founder & Secretary(Mo-+91 9339504406), Binthia Ghosh, Desk officer(+91 90514 98928).
Donate at – ‘Agarpara Biswarup’, Bank of Baroda, A/c no.34760100004202, IFSC Code – BARBOBTROAD

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