The level of Carbon Dioxide in 2013 has overflowed than previous 30 years


The level of Carbon Dioxide in 2013 has overflowed than the previous 30 years. Image Courtesy –

World Meteorological Organization declared that amount of Carbon in the world’s atmosphere is rising more quickly in the year 2013 than in the previous 30 years. The amount of Nitrous Oxide and Methane has also increased which bring a warming effect in the atmosphere of the world.

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Carbon absorption is generally held by a living organism of nature and the ocean. When this absorption is reduced, the number of greenhouse gases automatically increases. Ocean acidification is also the resultant effect because 50% of the carbon absorption happens due to living organisms of nature and the ocean.

Michel Jarraud, General Secretary of the World Meteorological Organization told that the fuels we burn for our daily usage are responsible for climate changing.

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