Know the benefits of wearing Cats Eye gemstone

Know the benefits of wearing Cats Eye gemstone

Know the benefits of wearing Cats Eye gemstone. Image Courtesy – IndiaMART

Cats Eye is the gemstone of chrysoberyl range. It has multiple benefits and usages. Let us know about the benefits of wearing Cats Eye gemstone. It contains a high density of parallel fibrous inclusions. When a light touches the gemstone at a right angle, it reflects like a line of light. It looks like a spool of silk thread or a line of reflection becomes visible across the top of the gemstone. The line of light moves along with the source of light. Thus it looks like a real ‘cat’s eye’.

This gemstone is found in various countries like Sri Lanka, Brazil, India, South Africa, Russia, China, Burma, USA etc. In India, it is found in Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Bihar.

This gemstone of Ketu relieves sudden problems and also provides quick benefits. This gemstone is able to eliminate the side effects of Ketu instantly. It has various names such as ‘Vaidurya’, ‘Vidralaksh’, ‘Garlic’, ‘Lehsuniya’, ‘Cats Eye’ etc. It is especially beneficial for natives of Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, Gemini and Aquarius.

Physical Properties of Cats Eye is described here. The standard specification of the gemstone is like this – density is 3.70 to 3.72, hardness is 8.50, the refractive index is 1.744 to 1.755.

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Everyone wants that impoverishment of their life should be removed. According to the astrologers, a person can avoid the evil effects of Ketu by wearing Cats Eye gemstone. If Ketu is weak in the horoscope of a native, then wearing this gemstone strengthens him. During the Mahadasha of Ketu in a person’s life, wearing this gemstone will prove beneficial for him. The poverty of the native will be overcome.

According to astrology, this gemstone is very auspicious for the people of Taurus, Capricorn, Libra, Aquarius and Gemini. People who wear Cats Eye, never feel bad about anyone. If there is a financial crisis in life, wearing this gemstone will help in getting rid of poverty.

Kats Eye is a very good gemstone for those natives who deal in the stock market or other risky investments. By the grace of this gemstone, the fate of a person dealing with risky investments shines.

Even if your business growth has been stalled in the commercial sector for a long time, this gemstone still proves to be very beneficial. With its effect, you can get success in your professional life. Cats Eye is beneficial in bringing back the trapped money and lost financial wealth.

You can also avoid the effect of the evil eye by wearing this gemstone. The evil eye is very much harmful to a native’s personal, professional and married life. This gemstone has the capability to get rid of those negative forces.

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If Ketu is debilitated in a native’s horoscope, it makes life full of struggle and teaches hard lessons. Cats Eye is the gemstone for Ketu related problems that makes a native enjoy all the comforts even in this challenging situation.

Those who follow the path of spiritual life, this stone also become beneficial to them. By wearing it, one gets rid of worldly attachment and starts walking on the path of spirituality and religion.

Some of the physical problems are also overcome by the effect of Cats Eye. This gemstone is also beneficial in diseases like depression, paralysis and even cancer. It gives peace to the mind and its effect boosts the memory power of the native and keeps him away from stress.

Ketu is the significator of abdomen, claws, lungs etc. It is also significator of insects in the intestine, eye disorders, stomach pain, physical weakness, ear problems, brain disorders etc. Ketu also provides a mysterious disease whose root cause cannot be touched. All the diseases related to Ketu can be easily solved by using Cats Eye gemstone.

Cats Eye enhances psychic abilities and intuition power and wisdom in human. This gemstone influences human being to expect or dream of big things. It intensifies that drive in human character. It also protects a native to face unexpected accident or loss in business or any profession. But, one thing is to be remembered that if you want to wear this stone, always try to purchase original, natural and good quality gemstone.

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