How to make your eyes more beautiful?

How to make your eyes more beautiful

How to make your eyes more beautiful? Image Courtesy –

Are you scared of growing a few creases around your eyes?

Are you scared of having puffy eyes or dark circles, even after a complete over-night sleep?

Do you fear that, your eyes are trailing behind with the ‘kajol’ which you applied last night?

Don’t worry about these problems regarding your eyes anymore.

Follow a few tips which I am sharing with you today.

Choose satin or silk pillow for you

Silk and satin pillows are the best for sleeping that will give you proper sleep. Try to sleep on your back. It helps in circulating blood properly in your full body.

Wash your eyes with lukewarm water after waking up

After waking up in the morning, wash your eyes with lukewarm water. Do not use cold or hot water. If you have habit of sleeping on your face, try to change it as soon as possible. Washing your face and eyes with lukewarm water will help in proper stimulation. Proper blood circulation and stimulation will prevent the creasing pre-maturely.

And, splash your face and eyes with cold water, at least few times in a day. If you work in front of computer for a long time, this splashing will help you in keeping your eye pressure normal.

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Put tea-bags on your eyes

Tea extracts are very good for your eyes. So, build a habit of resting 15 minutes a week with tea bag on your closed eye lids. That will reduce the puffiness of your eyes.

Put cucumber slice

Cucumber is an ingredient, which can be used for your eyes. Cucumber helps in stimulating blood, in a great way.

Cucumber slice are very good natural medicine for stimulating in your eyes and face. Putting cucumber slices on your eyelids before any eye-make up is the simplest way to take care of your precious eyes.

You may apply one more thing, also. Take cucumber extract, mix it with raw milk. Dip a pair of cotton balls in the mixture and put it on your eyes. Let it be for 10 minutes. It will give new life to your eyes.

There is another tip you can do with cucumber. Mix grated cucumber with mint leaves. Now, dip cotton balls in the mixture and put on your eyes. Rinse after 20 minutes.

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Use eye mask

Like all other body parts, our eyes also need nourishment. Use eye mask for nourishing your eyes. Break an egg into a bowl. With the help of a brush, take egg white and apply it around your eye area. Again, it is for stimulating your eyes. This will take away the puffiness of your eyes.

Apply cold milk therapy

Take cold raw milk in a small bowl. Dip cotton balls into this and apply it on your full eye zone for 10minutes. Wash off with cold water after that. You can do these almost every day.

Stimulating and nourishing your eyes are not of course enough. Follow few basics. Remove your eye make-up, as soon as possible. Do not rinse or rub your eyes very harsh. Be gentle with your eye makeup. Do not experiment with any eye product; test it properly on other body parts first.

Follow these steps to rejuvenate your eyes.

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