How to fix URL related issues?

How to fix URL related issues?

How to fix URL related issues? Image Courtesy –

For any website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most important key ingredient. Now-a-days most of the traffic comes directly from the search engine. Your website might be facing some common SEO related issues, without coding them a new, these problems can be solved easily and it does not take much time also. Even, it will help you in redirecting the traffic to your website.

The more your content will be linked to other URLs, more your website will be Search Engine optimized. And, it will get relevancy, thus more traffic will come to your website. The SEO of your website also depends on the uniqueness of your web content.

But most of the times, SEO faces few common problems. Here, I am sharing few tips to fix the problems in an easy way.

Using slash (“/”) related issue:

Using too many slash ‘/’ in URL causes issue for search engine to read out the content efficiently and at the same time the content goes deeper in the directory. To solve this issue, it is better to keep the URL easy and simple.

Upper and lowercase related issue:

URLs are very much case sensitive. Web developers must pay close attention while writing the URL to the use of upper and lower case. This is a major SEO issue. If the URL is not written properly or in other words, UPPERCASE is written at the place of lowercase, search engine takes it as complete different URL and show different results.

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Canonical host names related issue

Canonical issue occurs while supporting of same web page after writing ‘www’ and without using it properly. Canonical issue occurs when with and without ‘www’ search engine shows different results. Sometimes canonical issues lead to spam. To avoid canonical issue, hiring of SEO expert is the only option.

Using symbols in URL related issue

If symbols are used in writing URLs, it causes major issue. Often, underscore or slash, space or any other symbols in URL redirects the page to spam. Using these symbols is highly avoided. If any symbol is mandatory to use, hyphen is preferred unanimously. Hyphens are used in URLs indicates ‘word joiner’ whereas underscore is ‘word splitter’. URL is not used for the common people; it is either for web developers or for the computer to understand. Every symbol has its own representation, such as “+” is represented as “%20”.

So, these easy and common SEO problems can be removed and within very short time. Search Engine Optimizations are the main for online business. If it is not solved properly, it may cause you big problem.

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