Freezing of H1-B Visa will have a dangerous impact on the recovery of the US economy

Freezing of H1-B Visa will have dangerous impact in the recovery of US economy

Freezing of H1-B Visa will have a dangerous impact on the recovery of the US economy. Image Courtesy – Business Insider

Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and other technology giants of the Silicon Valley are very much disappointed with the decision of US President Donald Trump to extend the suspension of the favourite Visa ‘H-1B’ utilized by the tech industry.

Earlier in this year, Donald Trump announced to halt the ‘H-1B’ Visa for 60 days from the month of April 2020 focussing the issue that more than 22 million Americans became jobless due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Chief Executive Officer of Alphabet Inc, Sundar Pichai explaining himself as an immigrant, told in his tweet that immigration has contributed extremely to the economic success of America and made it a global leader.

The tech companies of Silicon Valley have depended heavily on the H-1B visa for a long time. They pushed the American government to expand the current number of 85,000 new visas in order to accumulate the top talents of the world. He also told that this announcement subdued the greatest economic asset of America.

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The Amazon also criticized the decision of the administration as short-sighted action. The cream of the global talent is very much important in strengthening the American economy, and their ability would be preserved by the company in future, the Amazon stated.

The giants of the Silicon Valley like Apple, Facebook, Google, Oracle, HP, Salesforce etc. and Information Technology Industry Council have been requesting Trump to rethink. They have the opinion that the decision will have a dangerous impact on the recovery of the American economy and growth in the coming years.

In this year, Facebook obtained the approval of 666 new and extended H-1B visas for its office that is in Menlo Park. According to the information collected from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, Google received the approval of 824, while Apple obtained the approval of 670 new and extended H-1B visas.

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