Do you know how many types of orgasms does a woman usually have?

Do you know how many types of orgasms does a woman usually have?

Do you know how many types of orgasms does a woman usually have? Image Courtesy – Woman’s Day

Sex acts as a tonic in married life, but even today, many women treat sex as their obligation towards their partner only for their pleasure. But, sex or sexual intercourse means the physical activity consumed by both partners equally. It should be clear to you how much you feel happy when you do sex.

Do not consider sex as the duty of your wife, but make your married life happier with the pleasure sex provides. You may not know that there are actually five types of orgasm for women. Let us describe the five orgasms you can get.

Clitoral orgasm

It is considered to be the best orgasm for women. The clitoris of women is quite sensitive because many nerves of the body are attached to it. In this orgasm, even a little bit of excitement gives a woman immense pleasure. If you rub it for a while with the fingers or with the tongue, the woman experiences clitoral orgasm.

G-spot orgasm

For many people, it is still a matter of debate whether a G-spot happens or not. According to those who supported it, those who have experienced it, they can never deny its existence.

It is believed that there is a G-spot in the underside of the clitoris, by which women experience orgasm when it is stimulated. This orgasm is more satisfactory and happier than a clitoral orgasm.

Blended orgasm

As it suggests, it is a mixture of two orgasms, i.e. both clitoral orgasm and G-spot orgasm and is experienced simultaneously. For this, you have to simulate both the inner and outer parts of the vagina simultaneously. Although it is not so easy, it surely doubles the amount of orgasm, and it will definitely encourage you to try for it again and again.

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Multiple orgasms

Nature has given women the blessings of multiple orgasms, which men do not have. However, very few women are able to experience this, as it depends on the ability of the partner.

After the first orgasm, if both of you try to go to the climax again, then the probability of multiple orgasm increase. Men must try it to make their partner happy. You can do this to give extra happiness to your partner even on a special occasion.

Erogenous Zones Orgasm

Known parts of your body can cause a pleasurable reaction. By stimulating these parts like ears, nipples, neck, elbow, knees, thighs etc. with kissing and playing continuously may lead to orgasm.

What is the actual benefit of orgasm?

In the woman’s body, the vagina, uterus, anus contract very quickly during actual orgasm. Women may ejaculate in this time, discharging a whitish fluid from the urethra. This is the secretion of the urethral glands. Sometimes urine is also discharged from the vaginal wall.

Sex does not have a manual for these activities. These activities may be a good starting point to go into the main intercourse. Every person does not feel in the same way for sex and orgasm. So, it depends on exploring the proper technique that your partner loves.

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