Seven Benefits of having Sex

Seven Benefits of having Sex

Seven Benefits of having Sex. Image Courtesy –

A lecturer at Purdue University and also the author of “The Psychology of Human Sexuality”, Justin J. Lehmiller, PhD. has thrown a light upon some health benefits of getting intimate.

1. Burning Calories: Sex has in impact on muscle tone, heart rate and the whole body works out during sex. A research in 2013 has come out with the conclusion that a man usually burns an average of 101 calories per session, and women burns 69 calories during sex. The research on volunteers reported that foreplay to orgasm lasted for 25 minutes at an average, so recorded burning of calories are small in amount. People may burn more calories if they stretch their sexual activities for longer period of time.

2. Helping to get asleep: Kristin Mark, who is a director of the Sexual Health Promotion in the University of Kentucky, USA, said that body releases a hormone called Prolactin after orgasm, which gives relaxation. This feeling of relaxation after having sex helps to get asleep more quickly especially if anybody does not feel tired before sex.

3. Helps lowering Blood Pressure and Stress: A study at Scotland in 2005 held with some volunteers and recorded their sexual activity for 2 weeks. In this duration they were given anxiety instigating tasks like public speaking, complicated brainwork like mathematical problem solving. Those who had resumed sex over the study period, recorded lower blood pressure projection and recovered from the situation more quickly than those who had not done sexual activity. The study also mentioned that only penile-vaginal intercourse is effective, but not the other form like masturbation.

4. Helps Strengthening Heart: A study in Britain said that regular sex has an effective result on the Cardiovascular System in our body. The study found that men who resumed sexual activity at least 2 times in a week for 20 years stayed away from heart disease that those who did it less than 1 time in a month. Risk of sudden death is 50% higher for people who have less sexual activity.

In Kristin Mark’s opinion, those who have healthy sex life might have healthy lifestyle overall. She guessed that there could be a connection with sex and overall body system. Because sex regulates hormonal secretion like Estrogen, Testosterone etc., which may have heavy impact on total body system, including the heart also.

5. Helps in protecting Cancer: A conclusion came from some research that men who ejaculate more often might have less risk of Prostate Cancer. It is observed in a study in France that women who involved in sexual activity at least 1 time in a month were at lesser risk of Breast Cancer than those who did not. Other study held in Greece revealed that women, who had orgasm less than 6 times in a month, were at higher risk of Breast Cancer.

6. Helps in boosting Immunity: Wilkes University study said that sexual activity on a weekly basis maintains body immunity prevent from common cough and cold. The study said that Immunoglobulin A is responsible for our body immunity. Research on students came out with the result that those who had sex 1 or 2 times in a week grown 30% more Immunoglobulin A in their body than those who had sex less frequently.

7. Helps in relieving Pain: According to a study in Germany, having sex may helpful to women often suffer from headache. During a study on women volunteers at time of headache occurrence, 60% of Migraine and 30% of Headache sufferers relieved partially of totally from their pain and felt better after having sex.

Pain relieving power of sex occurs due to more blood flow to the genital area, as well as releasing of Endorphins during orgasm. In Mark’s opinion, pain causes due to flowing of blood to a particular area like head. Sexual activity withdraws some of the blood pressure and redirects to other area, resulting relief in pain.

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