Coriander, an essential ingredient of the kitchen, solves multiple diseases

Coriander, an essential ingredient of the kitchen, solves multiple diseases

Coriander, an essential ingredient of the kitchen, solves multiple diseases. Image Courtesy – Times of India

Since ancient times, every minor and major disease were treated using spices stored in our kitchen. Spices found in our kitchen are not less than any medicine. Coriander is such spice and it is also an important part of our cuisine.

Coriander is a small plant but, it changes the whole taste of our dish. Coriander is not just used for flavouring. Coriander also has many health benefits. Both the green coriander leaves and coriander seeds increase the taste of our food. It is one of the important spices used in the kitchen. The colour of coriander leaves is green and the seed is brown.

The nature of Coriander is cold. Honey is used to eliminate the harmful effects of coriander. Coriander has multiple benefits and some of them are described below:

(i) It develops semen and digestive power. Coriander is also very beneficial for the eyes.

(ii) Coriander benefits in Vata, Pitta and Phlegm disorders.

(iii) It helps to open appetite and increases digestion.

(iv) By mixing green coriander leaves in the vegetable and eating it, blood disorders are destroyed.

(v) Coriander reduces the turmoils of the brain and keeps the brain cool.

(vi) It eliminates semen defects and rectifies loss of semen in men.

(vii) It increases the sleep helps to make sleep sound.

(viii) The urine comes out easily after the using of coriander. It increases the flow of urine.

(ix) Coriander is very effective in asthma and cough.

(x) It eliminates the weakness of the body and also removes intestinal worms.

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Benefits of Coriander to cure some disease:


Grind the coriander and apply it as a paste on the forehead, it ends headache caused by bile problem. Soak equal quantity of coriander and Gooseberry at night and filter it in the morning and mix crystal sugar in it and consume it to cure headaches. Grind green or raw coriander and apply it on the head to relieve headaches.

Burning Hands & Feet

Grind equal quantity of dry coriander and crystal sugar and mix them well. Taking 2 spoons of it with cold water and apply it 4 times a day. It ends burning sensation of hands and feet.

Weakness of Memory

Consuming extract of coriander regularly removes weakness of the brain. It also develops intelligence.

Throat swelling

In the condition of swelling throat, grind coriander seeds and mix rose water in it and apply it like sandalwood on the throat, it reduces throat swelling.

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Bile Disease

Make a powder by grinding about 3 grams of whole coriander, then mix it with cold water and crystal sugar and drink it on hot days to get rid of diseases caused by bile. It removes the heat of the body.

Burning Urination

If there is strong thirst, burning sensation in stomach, body or urine, soak 20 grams coriander at night. Grind it in the morning and add honey to it. The heartbeat becomes normal by this application. Soak coriander and Indian gooseberry at night and crush in the morning and drink, the burning sensation of urine ends.


Grind green coriander with crystal sugar and water and give it to the patient suffering from insomnia. The symptom of insomnia will go away along with headache.

Heavy Periods (Menorrhagia)

Boil 10 grams of dry coriander in about 200 grams of water. When the quantity becomes one-fourth, filter it and mix it with crystal sugar and give it to the patient 3-4 times in the morning with lukewarm water. It will reduce excess menstruation.

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Bad Breath

Eating green coriander causes aroma in the mouth. Chewing green coriander after eating onion, garlic, etc. prevents the foul smell from the mouth. Eating green coriander ends bad odour and brings out the aroma in the mouth.

Bloody Stools

Grind 20 grams of coriander and mix 10 grams of crystal sugar in it and dissolve it in water. By drinking the mixture, bleeding from diarrhoea stops. Mix black salt in coriander and take one spoonful of it and consume it after meals. It stops diarrhoea.


It is also very much helpful in reducing weight and even combating diabetes. Coriander contains iron, vitamin A, K and C as well as folic acid, magnesium and calcium which are very good for health.

Coriander has been one of the most effective traditional remedies for controlling diabetes for a long time. It has been found in research that coriander seeds contain specific compounds that activate the pancreas and increase the production of insulin. By doing this, it controls the blood glucose level.

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