Top 10 amazing health benefits of Cabbage

Top 10 amazing health benefits of Cabbage

10 Amazing health benefits of Cabbage. Image Courtesy –

Cabbage is called Brassica Oleracea Var. Capitata scientifically. Its origin is believed to be Eastern Mediterranean and Asia region. Cabbage has many varieties like ‘Savoy’, ‘January King’, ‘Wombok’, ‘Red Cabbage’, ‘Green Cabbage’ etc. Cabbages which usually we find have smooth leaves tightly packed nearly in a round shape like a ball.

Different types of cabbages have different shapes and colours, also have different taste. Red Cabbage has a little peppery flavour, and it is more nutritious than green one. Cabbages are also found in white and purple colours. We can see nearly 400 varieties of Cabbages throughout the world. Not necessarily all Cabbages are round shaped, but there may be some other shapes like conical too.

There are many preparations of Cabbage dishes all over the world. Some of them are like ‘Cabbage and Aloo curry’, ‘Cabbage Peas Curry’, ‘Cabbage Kofta Curry’, ‘Stuffed Cabbage Rolls’, ‘Cabbage Foogath’, ‘Channa Cabbage’, ‘Cabbage Pakoda’ etc. Cabbage has a multiple number of Vitamins and minerals which are essential for the human body. Multiple vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, B2, B6 are found as well as minerals like Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese, Iron etc. are found in Cabbage. A powerful antioxidant like ‘Indole-3-carbinol’ (C9H9NO) is found in Cabbage which acts as a detoxifier of human liver. It removes the toxins from the liver as well as from the blood.

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Some significant properties of Cabbage are mentioned here:

Anti-ageing Property: Cabbage has Vitamin C as one of its ingredients, and it helps to maintain youthfulness of the skin delaying the natural ageing process. Vitamin A is present in Cabbage, and with Vitamin D it helps to clear the skin and make it healthy. In this process, Cabbage juice protects skin cell destruction due to ultraviolet rays.

Healing Property: Cabbage has superb healing capabilities. It can cure skin problems like ‘acne’, ‘rashes’, ‘eczema’, ‘psoriasis’, ‘ulcers’, ‘wounds’ etc. It also has good effect on ‘arthritis’.

Prevention of Cancer: Some special cancer fighting elements are observed in Cabbage like ‘Lupeol’, ‘Sinigrin’, ‘Diindolylmethane’, ‘Sulforaphane’, ‘Indole-3-carbinol’ etc. A study proved that regular consumption of vegetables of Cabbage family can reduce the risk of ‘Beast Cancer’ – specially ‘Sulforaphane’, ‘Indole-3-carbinol’ are very much effective.

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Benefit in Peptic Ulcer: Cabbage as a food is naturally a medicine for ‘Stomach Ulcer’. A research showed that juice of Cabbage is very much effective in curing ‘peptic ulcer’ due to its high quantity ‘Glutamine’ content.

Anti-swelling Property: It is believed that high quantity of ‘Glutamine’ in Cabbage juice is helpful to cure any type of swelling.

Prevention of Cataract: ‘Macular Degeneration’ is a growing problem in aged persons. In fact, macula is a part of the retina responsible for central and sharp vision of a human being by which they can read or drive. A huge amount of ‘Beta-Carotene’ present in Cabbage helps to protect against ‘Macular Degeneration’ in aged people.

Low Calorie Diet: Apart from a healthy and delicious dish, cabbage is also a great vegetable for low calorie diet. A cup of cabbage curry contains only around 33 calories. So it is very much helpful for people who maintain their weight simultaneously with consuming healthy diet.

Prevent Constipation: Cabbage is full of fibre, and it helps in stimulating the digestive system preventing constipation.

Relieving Property: Muscle soreness and stiffness are often happen to human body. ‘Lactic acid’ present in Cabbage helps relieving muscle soreness.

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Empower Brain: Cabbage is called food of the brain, because it is full of Vitamin K and ‘Anthocyanins’ which helps to maintain functions of the brain. These elements obstruct damage of the nerves and prepare a defensive mechanism against ‘Alzheimer’s Disease’ and ‘Dementia’. We can find huge amount of Vitamin K and ‘Anthocyanins’ in red Cabbage.

To get the most medical advantages of cabbage, abstain from overcooking cabbage since it diminishes its nutrients particularly vitamin C and the remaining supplements will turn out to be more hard to be processed. Cabbage can be eaten in different courses, for example, bubbled, steamed, sauted or even roasted. In any case, Crude cabbage is most nutritious.

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