BWF announced 22 tournaments in 5 months during coronavirus pandemic

BWF announced 22 tournaments in 5 months during coronavirus pandemic

BWF announced 22 tournaments in 5 months during coronavirus pandemic. Image Courtesy – The Live Nagpur

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) released a new calendar for the upcoming tournaments. According to the calendar, 22 tournaments will be scheduled in 5 months.

Since the coronavirus pandemic is currently going on without a proper vaccine available in the market. It is still uncertain when our life will be normal. This is too early to announce such a tournament schedule that is starting within 3 months from now. All the players are completely out of practice and they are not prepared physically and mentally too because of psychological pressure due to coronavirus trend.

Indian badminton stars like Saina Nehwal, P Kashyap, B Sai Praneeth and others criticized the calendar. P Kashyap told that there was no time for practice in this corona epidemic and the BWF announced 22 tournaments in 5 months. H S Prannoy told in a sarcastic way that BWF has done a commendable job, they could have added the number of tournaments to 25 instead of 22.

Saina Nehwal expressed worry that 5 months of continuous travelling would be risky for players. She also told that even the tennis players would not have to start till October. She questioned about the international guidelines regarding travel to foreign countries. B Sai Praneeth also expressed frustration on more travel.

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The Olympic qualifying badminton tournament India Open will be held from 8 to 13 December. The tournament, due in March, was postponed due to coronavirus. Hyderabad Open will be held from 11 to 16 August while Syed Modi tournament will be from 17 to 22 November. The Thomas and Uber Cup finals will be held in Denmark from October 3 to 11.

The dates of the German Open, Swiss Open, European Open and Australian Open have not yet been announced. Changes have been made to 8 tournament dates. BWF Secretary General Thomas Lund says that it is difficult to plan for the return of badminton. More than 10 badminton tournaments have been cancelled since March due to the corona epidemic.

Now, the question is, how will the players get confidence for virus-free sports? Since no vaccine is available to date and nothing is yet to come before September 2020. So, there may be possibilities of viral infection at any moment.

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