British doctors removed giant hairball from a woman’s stomach

British doctors removed giant hairball from a woman's stomach

British doctors removed giant hairball from a woman’s stomach. Image Courtesy –

Doctors removed a 14-pound ‘hairball’ from the stomach of a British lady who was suffering from inexorable pain in her abdomen for a couple of months.

23 years old Sophie Cox of Gloucestershire, England, told South West News Service that the giant chunk of human hair was developed more than seven years of eating her tresses. Six years back, Cox was determined to have both ‘trichotillomania’, a condition where sufferers have an enthusiastic desire to pull out their hair, and ‘trichophagia’, where they eat it.

South West News Service, a British news agency revealed that Cox confessed the fact when she got stressed; she used to pluck hair and eating them throughout the day. She thought it was safe until she got to be pregnant in the year 2014. Cox suffered unbearable stomach pains and she continued to lose her weight. After having a girl child, her pain and complexities put her in distress.

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Specialists did not understand what was happening, however thought that Cox had gallstones and stomach cancer. It was not clear until Cox had an endoscopy last November when they realised the mystery – a mammoth hairball.

Sophie Cox told that when the doctors demonstrated to her about the output, she was confused. It seemed to her like a horror movie. But the doctors did not see anything like it in 30 years. It was too enormous to break in parts in her stomach, which caused malnourished and dehydrated. The hairball, called ‘trichobezoar’ by medical experts, was operated, and the operation took 6 hours.

Obviously she felt better just after the operation and she felt a great relief. Cox has been observed routinely to ensure no different hairballs could create after the successful operation. She will be under treatment to monitor the basic reasons for this complex condition.

This incident is not only an amazing one but also a chance of precaution for other women as well. Women should be aware about this dreadful incident and control their mind in situations like stress, frustration and depression.

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