British court orders Vijay Mallya to be returned to India

British court orders Vijay Mallya to be returned to India

British court orders Bijoy Mallya to be returned to India. Image Courtesy – DNA India

British court orders reinstate Vijay Mallya, accused in a bank fraud case, to be returned to India. The matter has been sent to the British Home Secretary for approval. On Monday, Britain’s Westminster Magistrate Court Justice Emma Arbathnot announced the verdict, Multiple fraud cases involving financial fraud, conspiracy and funds are pending in India against Vijay Mallya.

During the declaration of the verdict of Westminster Magistrate Court of Justice Emma Arbathnot of Britain, on Monday, several cases of financial fraud in the last one year, and the verdict of a British court judge is considered an important step in the reinstatement case.

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In the meantime, CBI Joint Director Sai Manohar was present Britain to attend the hearing of Vijay Mallya and one of the accused Christian Mistle (accused in VVIP chopper case). The CBI welcomed the orders of the British court. After the verdict on Monday, the CBI spokesman said, “We are ready to bring Mallya to India quickly to settle the case. We have worked hard for this case. We were certain from the outset about the refund.”

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