Trump’s cruel immigration policy ignited more students to study Immigration Law

Trump immigration policy

Trump’s cruel immigration policy ignited more students to study Immigration Law. Image Courtesy –

The report of ‘American Bar Association’ revealed that interest of the students in America to study immigration law has increased in recent years. It is clearly obtained that the membership of ‘American Bar Association’ got doubled in last 18 months.

Among other students, there are a huge number of students who suffered in their life as a result of the immigration laws in the US right now. The number of students is increasing very fast. In their opinion, the present time is very important to get admitted in the law school. Possessing a deep anguish in their mind, they expressed that the law should be changed a little faster in accordance with the changing society and the world.

Donald Trump’s immigration policy has been sharply reflected into the American Society with the implementation of practical tools used by prime advisers of the administration. A section of people think that the administration has no interest to show instances like human being.

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The Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, announced that there would be criminal prosecution for those who would cross the border of America without valid documents. As a result of that, children would be separated from their parents, because they could not be held in adult jails with their parents. Some families were being split up even if they reached at official ports of entry and asked for shelter. Anguished children gradually have made their target to take entry in the law schools with a vision in their mind that they have to participate in the way of changing the cruel laws of Trump Administration.

Before winning in the presidential election in America, Trump proposed a bunch of policies to protect America from immigrants like Muslims, Mexicans etc. A racial propagation was being started like calling Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists.

The president compelled the immigrants from El Salvador, Nepal, Haiti, Honduras, Sudan, Nicaragua etc. to return to their birth place – by finishing temporary protected status.

The administration forcefully tried to make them understand the story that immigrants would be treated heartlessly if they come to the United States.

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