Are you aware of consuming poisons through adulterated food?

Are you aware of consuming poisons through adulterated food?

Are you aware of consuming poisons through adulterated food? Image Courtesy –

Did you ever imagine that fresh looking vegetables and fruits, or a glass of milk looking pure and healthy, would give your children a complete set of poisonous chemicals instead of Protein, Vitamin and Minerals? It might rather bring forth numerous physical ailments as opposed to giving supplements to better health.

You have to believe the fact after comparing aged persons of yester years with the young people of today regarding physique and internal strength. People of yester years end up being fitter than young people of today.

This reality is being established in a recent survey directed by the state administration of West Bengal which stated that almost all the edible foods and drinks are being adulterated only for greediness of businessmen for some additional income.

Everything that we eat on everyday schedule is immersed in dangerous components which lead us to numerous sicknesses. The report disclosed that spices, tea, milk, mineral water, vegetables, fruits, harvested products are not saved from adulteration. Even the drugs which save human life are not kept apart from adulteration. These are bringing about maladies like renal failure, cerebral pain, TB, cancer etc.

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A study on several patients on various parts of the state revealed that no reason could possibly be detected for their illness at the first stage. But thorough observation revealed that their illness was caused by adulterated food.

From morning tea to milk before going to sleep, nothing is protected from adulteration. Tea leaves are adulterated with wood powder, wild leaves etc. that causes the dreadful disease – cancer. The white and eye satisfying rice that improves our appetite is blended with asbestos powder, which is an amazingly hazardous compound, has been banned in 1986 for being greatly destructive, in perspective of the harmful impact on the health of excavators. The administration likewise terminated re-establishing existing mining leases in the year 1993.

According to the informations given by the health department, mustard oil is tainted with wild seeds and turmeric with lead chromate. Lead Chromate (PbCrO4) has a distinctive yellow colour. Containing both Lead and hexavalent Chromium, Lead Chromate is significantly harmful. Lead Chromate is a toxic substance, and can be deadly if consumed or breathed in.

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Dangerous hues are given to products of the soil to give them a fresh and natural look. As per a report, to keep vegetable green, they are absorbed Copper Sulphate, quickly after collecting from the field, and then they are sent to cold storage. In spite of the fact that Copper is one of the required mineral in human body yet its presence in huge amount affects 5 major frameworks of the body prompting deadly results. These are the nervous system, male & female reproductive system, connective tissues, and vital organs like the liver.

Sweet potatoes are absorbed in ‘Aalta’ (a red looking fluid). Normal potatoes get discoloured and even few potatoes get rotten after coming out from cold storage. To give eye-wash to the customers in the state these potatoes are blended with yellow chemical and brick powder, just to give them an artificial fresh look. The Ministry of Agriculture Marketing, Tapan Dasgupta went to visit some of the cold storage in West Bengal with his officials yesterday. Surprisingly he saw that adulteration was going there in full swing. He inspected the work all over there and gave warning for the social crime they were committing. He also told that strict surveillance would be running time to time on behalf of the government.

Same is the situation with fruits as well. A flawless and delicious natural product that appears to give us good health is simply doing the inverse because of our ‘adulteration experts’.

An agriculturist from the Malda said that they did not need to sit tight for the organic product to ready normally which takes much time. Actually they can do it in twenty four hours as. Crude bananas, mangoes, chikoos, papayas and almost all natural products can be made ready and succulent within 24 hours.

Did you ever think how this was feasible?

There is a compound named EP-50 which is utilized to accelerate their maturing procedure. Along these lines, every single crude natural product was synthetically treated.

Banana, we know, is the primary source of giving calcium and making our bone solid has turned into the source of genuine health issues. Bananas are being blended with ‘Ethepon’, a chemical that can hurt essential organs of the body.

Fishes are additionally treated with chemicals. In spite of the fact that a fish looking fresh is lucrative to customers, however it is entirely dangerous as the chemicals used to preserve it is exceptionally harmful. ‘Formaldehyde’ (CH2O) is utilized to save it which is regularly used to protect human body. In perspective of its broad use, lethality, and instability, formaldehyde represents a noteworthy threat to human health. In the year 2011, the ‘US National Toxicology Program’ portrayed formaldehyde as a known carcinogenic agent to human being.

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Fish dealers used to say that they needed to keep the fish dry and fresh which was impractical without the assistance of these chemicals. They were on the argument that if they could not utilize the chemicals, they would neither be able to supply according to the demand in the market, nor they would sustain in the international market.

Indeed, even desserts are not sweet now-a-days. It is additionally topped off with toxicities. Colourful desserts were banned previously for its debasement with destructive chemicals however the vital question is that – are white desserts more secured? Since the essential ingredients utilized as a part of making on each sweet is ‘chehna’ which is put away in cold storage for quite a long time in unhygienic ways. Sweet shop proprietors are on the opinion that it is difficult for them to supply as per the requirements of the business sector at the time of celebrations, because of the low accessibility of ‘chehna’ in the business sector so they need to depend on cold storages.

State government is directing a few meetings with the central govt. to deal with the grave issue regarding food adulteration.

The loopholes:

The greater part of the godown where such procedures are executed, do not have health permit to work and without any authority that can put an eye on them, they are prospering their business to each corner.

Incompetency of the health authorities is one of the reasons behind this. State government ought to take great consideration towards the evil treatment of the nourishment stuff and make serious move against those disregarding the standards.

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There are laws that punish such culprits who play with the health and security of people. To guarantee that buyers get safe food and vegetables, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in India drafted an enactment called ‘Avoidance of Food Adulteration Act, 1954’ for this reason. The point of this enactment is to guarantee that shoppers get ‘pure’ and ‘wholesome’ furthermore anticipate ‘fraud or deception’.

The primary law had loopholes and thus the Act has been changed three times in 1964, 1976 and in 1986. The disciplines have been made more stringent and Consumers and Voluntary Organizations have been engaged to assume a more powerful part in its usage. The PFA Act is in the rundown of the constitution however it is implemented by the State/U.T Governments.

Food Quality Control Services:

In India there is a three-level framework is capacity for guaranteeing sustenance quality and sustenance security. They are:

(i) Government of India
(ii) State/UT Governments
(iii) Local Bodies

But everything is possible if the maintenance of the law is done properly. At the same time, there should be rigorous awareness campaign for the people by various organizations as well as the government itself. Every government official should do their duties properly. These adulteration masters should be focussed and the administration should give them exemplary punishment.

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