All Bengal Body Building Competition at Madhyamgram, India

All Bengal Body Building Competition at Madhyamgram, India

Body Building is the sport where sportsman or sportswoman develops muscular structure using progressive resistance with control and scientific procedure. An individual who builds a Super-human like a figure engaging with this scientific activity is called a ‘Bodybuilder’.

Usually bodybuilders come up one by one to perform determined stances in front of a board of judges who rank the competitors in view of criteria, like ‘symmetry’, ‘muscularity’, ‘conditioning’ etc. There are also arrangements for individual ‘posing’ schedules in every competition.

Bodybuilders prepare themselves through a blend of purposeful dehydration, disposal of ‘non-essential body fat’ and ‘carbohydrate’ to accomplish ‘extreme vascularity’, and in addition tanning to highlight ‘muscular definition’.

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Those are some of the salient features of bodybuilding that has made the sport very much popular throughout the world. Like other countries, India also organizes national level bodybuilding competition every year. Various States in India also encourage this sport and organize their state and district level tournaments periodically. Some invitational tournaments are also held in various states in India patronized by state bodybuilding associations.

Such a state level bodybuilding competition is going to be held on 30th April, 2017 (Sunday) at 2:00 PM at ‘Janakalyan Ground’, Madhyamgram, North 24 Parganas, West Bengal by West Bengal State Body Building Association. This bodybuilding competition will be arranged in memories of Mr. Universe Manohar Aich and Mr. India Dipak Haldar by ‘Sreenagar Byayam Mandir’ of Madhyamgram.

This competition will be held according to Indian Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation rules. There will be 5 groups, which are – 55Kg, 60Kg, 65Kg, 70Kg and above 70Kg. There will be prizes for ‘Champion of Champions’ and ‘Best Poser’ categories also.

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Interested people may contact at below addresses:

163, Illious Road,
Agarpara, Kolkata – 700058
Phone: +91 93395 04406 ; 91531 22544


Shreenagar Byayam Mandir
Vill.- Sreenagar Gate 1
P.O.- Madhyamgram
Dist.- 24 Parganas (N)
Kolkata – 700129
Phone: +91 92316 38973 ; 98301 54776

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