8 solutions to prevent pet allergy

8 solutions to prevent pet allergy

8 solutions to prevent pet allergy. Image Courtesy – http://allergicliving.com.

Pet allergy is one of the most acute and horrifying forms of allergies. It infests your body easily leads to asthma and respiratory diseases when ignored. Some people think, getting rid of their beloved pets will help them solve this problem, but that is certainly not a permanent and humanitarian solution. In most cases, pet allergy causes due to hypo-allergenic animals or in other words, animals with furs and dander. So, naturally reptiles and fishes do not cause pet allergy and they are the safest in that manner. Hypoallergenic animals i.e. cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, mice, hamsters etc. can cause allergy from their saliva. Their saliva gets stuck in carpets, mats. You can’t see this with your bare eyes and makes it more dangerous for causing pet allergy.

Turn Your Home Allergy Free

Fur and dander easily penetrate in beddings such as bedspreads, pillow, blankets, cushion, and remain there for long time. They are not easily visible unless you act like a spy with a magnifying glass in your hand! Even sweat and urine of animals are also active reasons behind pet allergy. You can only spot them with infrared laser devices which is too high-tech for this job.

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To prevent yourself and your children from pet allergy, turn a specific area of your home into an allergy-free zone, preferably your bedroom. Keep your pets out of your bedroom. Keeping your pets away at least from your bedroom will let you breathe healthy and dander-free.

Weekly Bath for Pets

To get rid of problems related to pet dander you must give your pet a weekly bath. Consult with your veterinary physician for suitable pet shampoo. You should know the proper procedure of pet bath. You can use YouTube for this purpose. If you cannot give weekly bath to your pet then comb/brush its fur regularly and wipe them with a damp cloth. Ask your veterinary physician for good quality pet care products and medicines.

Consult with your veterinary physician for suitable pet shampoo. Image Courtesy – www.petmd.com.

Wash Your Hands

Once you have a pet in your home, you should make all the efforts to keep everything hygienic. Make a habit of washing hands more frequently with either hand sanitizer or hand wash; if none of them are available you may use mild soap also.

Be cautious about putting hands to eyes, nose or face after playing with your pet. Train your kids not to eat anything without washing hands after playing with their pets.

Take Care of Pet Belongings

The things your pet needs every day like his own bed, wooden hut, the rubber bone or anything else are equally dangerous in spreading pet allergy. So, clean all those belongings regularly. Whenever your pet snuggles or rolling on his bed, it causes dander cloud in the area and it leaves dander around. Cleaning all those stuffs routinely will significantly prevent pet allergy related problems.

Avoid Using Rough Carpets

Carpets and mats with rough surface are common traps for collecting dander and fur. Apart from pet dander, carpet captures saliva, sweat and urine. Therefore, you can avoid carpeting and matting the floor where your pets freely roam.

Go for solid surfaces as tiles, wooden floor and if it is mandatory to cover your floor, use washable rugs. In case you already have carpets all over your home, start using vacuum cleaners regularly so that the carpet stays clean all the day.

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Avoid Keeping Rodents as Pets

If you are highly allergic to pets, then please stay away from rodents. Gerbils, Squirrels, Hamsters, Mice, Guinea Pigs etc. are quite furry and they are prone to cause pet allergy.

Use a Good Quality Air Purifier

Owning an air purifier for your home is somewhat mandatory, especially if you have pets. You should have an air purifier installed with High-efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) air filter. This specially designed air filter draws out all the allergens and harmful particles up to 0.3 micron and hence pet hairs also. Installing an air purifier for your home is the best option for the prevention of pet allergy.

Ask your veterinary physician for good quality pet care products and medicines. Image Courtesy – www.pets4homes.co.uk.

Use Vacuum with High-efficiency air filter

A typical vacuum cleaner collects most of the allergens, bacteria, virus and other particles causing asthma, allergies and respiratory diseases. So, using a vacuum cleaner with a High-efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) air filter proved to be very useful.


We all know, having a pet and fostering them is a great feeling but few precautionary steps must be taken. Follow the steps mentioned above to keep your family and children happy and healthy.


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