6 Ways to Prevent Leg Pain When You Stand All Day at Work

6 Ways to Prevent Leg Pain When You Stand All Day at Work

If you are into similar jobs and you need to stand all day in your workplace, then the following tips will come helpful to you. Image Courtesy – Healthline

Many people need to stand all day and continuously at work. Some jobs are physically demanding such as the job of a counter sales person, a saloon hairdresser, a DJ, or a stand-up comedian at a club. All of them are vulnerable to suffer from leg pain. Although, people who exercise regularly have lesser chance to get leg pain while others are on greater risk. Now, if you are into similar jobs and you need to stand all day in your workplace, then the following tips will come helpful to you.

Improve your Posture:

While standing, you must try to improve your posture. You should always stand in a correct and orderly posture giving body weight alternatively to both of your legs. Wrong standing posture may give you temporary ease but in the long run it will lead to acute leg pen syndrome.

Keep your stomach inside and tuck in your hip; that will give you strength while standing and won’t cause you pain. You must avoid adjusting with your basic posture.

Breathe Properly:

Breathing properly is very necessary and now you may wonder how your breathing can be regarded as ‘improper’. Most of the people do not even know that breathing has also called ‘proper procedure’. In case you do not exhale and inhale properly, it may lead to fatigue. So, inhaling and exhaling in a proper rhythm is very necessary. If you exhale properly, you will find your pelvic tilt forward and your ribs drop a little and hence will bring you less tension.

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Light Exercise:

Do not stand out simply while working and do not sit simply even when you have an idle day. Stretch a little throughout the day and turn your back and shoulder. In break, lie down on a flat surface and pull up your knee on your chest; do it alternatively with each knee and sometimes do it with both your knees. If you do not have option to lie down stand against the wall and swing your arm in opposite direction.

Switch your Feet:

Do not stand on both of your feet all along and keep on moving your strength from either foot. It will help in easy blood circulation through your body and hence will provide oxygen in whole body. Standing on parallel feet will stop proper blood circulation. Bending, side turning, or just a round of walk will help you prevent frequent leg pain.

Reschedule your Workout:

When you have an all-day-standing work habit, you need to reschedule your workout habit. If possible appoint a personal coach to watch out your walking or standing posture throughout the day and request him to accompany you at your workplace. But if you consider that working all day won’t leave you with enough energy and you do not need any exercise then you must think again. There is always some time for some good things in life.

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Put on Different Shoes:

It is quite obvious that putting on ballerina or boots will leave you with frequent legs pain and feet ache. To get rid of these problems, try on different patterns of shoes. Wear comfortable shoes like sports snickers.

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