12 Pakistanis were killed after retaliation of Indian Army on Pakistan’s ‘ceasefire violation’

12 Pakistanis were killed after retaliation of Indian Army

12 Pakistanis were killed after retaliation of Indian Army on Pakistan’s ‘ceasefire violation’. Image Courtesy – The Quint

A day after it guaranteed “heavy retribution” for the killing of three of its officers by Pakistanis who went too far of Control in the Machil division of north Kashmir. Indian Army propelled a fire attack against Pakistani posts at various focuses along the LoC. Pakistan stated that it lost three Army staff, including a Captain, while nine normal people were killed. Another nine were harmed when Indian fire hit a transport on the street of ‘Neelum Valley’ in the Dudhnial area in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. The Pakistan Army named its three dead army – Captain Taimoor Ali Khan, Havaldar Mushtaq Hussain and Lance Naik Ghulam Hussain.

India gave a statement that Pakistan opened fire on non-military personnel focussed in the segments of Machil, Keran, Gurez etc. Shells landed near the Kishanganga Dam project. Workers took shelter in the tunnels there. Nearby officials told that two people were hit, yet there was no death toll in the towns of Kanzelwan, Kufri and Malikpora.

Lt General Ranbir Singh, Director General of Military Operations (DGMO), spoke to his Pakistan partner Major General Sahir Shamshad Mirza taking after a Pakistani request for ‘unscheduled talks on hotline’ in consequences of the Indian Army’s attack.

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Major General Mirza acknowledged Lt. General Singh about normal citizen setbacks on the Pakistani side of the LoC. Lt General Singh communicated sorrow over the losses of a normal citizen, yet said retaliatory terminating by Indian troops just focussed on areas from where Pakistan had started ‘ceasefire violations’. The Defence Ministry told that DGMO passed on worries over losses among Indian regular people and officers because of ridiculous Pakistani firing.

Regarding the issue of invasion by militants and the mutilation of the dead bodies of Indian officers, Lt General Singh advised the Pakistan DGMO to practice strict control on his troops and to abstain from ‘nefarious activities’. Otherwise, normalcy along the LoC would not be possible.

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Murdering of three Indian warriors on the LoC was the most recent news in a progression of brutal conflicts that have occurred since India struck ‘terror attack’ taking after the Uri assault. The statistics collected by various media revealed that brutality has raised strongly since the surgical strikes on the night of September 28, with 12 military personnel and 12 regular citizens recorded killed in 279 ‘exchange of fire’ until November 15.

According to the statistics of government, ‘exchange of fire’ had crossed 300; the number of military fatalities had ascended to 17. But, no casualty had been recorded on the Indian side of the LoC until September 28. The report also revealed that only four ‘exchanges of fire’ were noted, which was a record low after an enduring uptick in brutality which started in 2008.

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